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You are here: Home Activities Annual EHTEL and Joint Symposium 5th Annual EHTEL Symposium 2013 "Sustainable Partnerships for Well-being and eHealth"

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Sustainable Partnerships for Well-being and eHealth

Speakers, panellists and delegates shared lessons on:

  • Citizens and patients in the driving seat: online interaction with healthcare services, access to health records and putting meaningful eHealth services in patients' hands;
  • Partnerships in health care and social care as a sustainable support for ageing well;
  • Synergies of value added services and shared infrastructures for sustainable health care;
  • "open data" vs. "big data": implications for personal health and public health policies;
  • Personalised medicine in the era of big data, e.g. what is in for tailored prevention and what do we need to achieve to maintain privacy and security?
ICT-enabled integrated communities of care

The journey of European health and welfare systems towards comprehensive digital support for well-being has sped up. Integrated communities of care are emerging that focus holistically on the needs of citizens and patients. They address not only clinical factors of illness, but also encompass social determinants and life style choices that impact health outcomes. Thus, a digital continuum for well-being and care is composed of smart cities and smart housing, secure and interoperable eHealth/mHealth infrastructures and a multitude of value added clinical and personal health services.