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[Join Stakeholder Webinar] EU*US eHealth Skills Collaboration Opportunity

The EU*US eHealth Work project (Sept 2016 to Feb 2018) measures, informs, educates, and advances activities, skills and actors in the eHealth workforce. The project will utilise its “network of networks” to create an enduring legacy in eHealth workforce development. EHTEL is member to the project consortium.

[Join Stakeholder Webinar] EU*US eHealth Skills Collaboration Opportunity

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EU*US eHealth Skills Collaboration Opportunity (Stakeholder Event & Webinar)

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Interactively broadcasting a session of the 43rd Finnish Healthcare ICT Conference, the webinar publishes the results obtained so far in the EU*US eHealth Work project. The project aims at improving the digital skills of all people working in health care to make better use of technology and health information systems. The webinar will gather inputs from the global audience to advance the mission and achieve the goals of the project under the Horizon 2020 programme.

  • 12:00 CET: Presentation of the EU*US eHealth Work Project
    Rachelle Blake, Omni Micro Systems, Germany & USA; EU*US eHealth Work Coordinator
  • 12:30 CET: Results: eHealth Education Today
    Johannes Thye, University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück, Germany
  • 13:00 CET: Foundational eHealth Curricula
    Alpo Värri, Johanna Tolonen, Tampere University of Technology, Finland
  • 13:30 - 14:00 CET: Webinar Pause / Coffee break on site
  • 14:00 CET: Resources, Tools and Certification in eHealth featuring the TIGER VLE
    Toria Shaw, Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), USA

14:30 CET: Roundtable Discussion and Feedback: Next Steps for a Digitally Skilled Health Work Force
Moderator: Stephan Schug, European Health Telematics Association, Belgium
Opening Remarks: Hicham Abghay, Steinbeis 2i GmbH, Germany


  • Kaija Saranto, Professor in Health and Human Services, University of Eastern Finland Kuopio, Vice President of the International Medical Informatics Association
  • Sari Palojoki, University of Eastern Finland Kuopio
  • Elina Kontio, Turku Amk, Finland
  • Elina Rajalahti, Principal Lecturer, Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Finland
  • and all programme speakers (Rachelle Blake, Johannes Thye, Alpo Värri, Johanna Tolonen, Toria Shaw & Hicham Abghay)

The EU*US eHealth Work Project ..

  • Addresses eHealth skills for all healthcare workers in the EU, North America and around the globe and for the full spectrum of job roles, spanning clinical, social care, administration and informatics
  • Fosters those skills by … informing and educating to advance eHealth skills and workforce development.
  • Identifies the resources for eHealth competency education and training to make them visible and available
  • Download White Paper EU*US eHealth Works to Improve Global Workforce Development

Your Voice is needed on an innovative eHealth Workforce Development Survey: [Join Survey] EU*US eHealth Work - EU-US health workforce development

In partnership with TIGER and the HIMSS Foundation, the EU*US eHealth Work Project is surveying to identify global health IT/eHealth workforce development needs, trends and gaps. To do this, feedback is needed to create the big picture, and to enable a highly skilled workforce regionally, across borders and on a global scale. The survey will capture information about your health IT skillset; available curriculum and/or workplace training programs and skills assessment tools; educational needs, trends and future state mapping. The survey is fully anonymous. Participants are inivited to share their email address at the end of the survey just for the purpose to receive project updates and to be entered to win one of three $100 donations to a charity of choice.

Why participate?

  1. Enable new eHealth workforce members to advance in their workplace.
  2. Help incumbent professionals sustain success in their roles.
  3. Share your personal insights to shape health IT and informatics, enabling a skilled eHealth workforce.
  4. Support decision makers to deploy best eHealth education for all health related professions.

EU*US eHealth Work will use the published results to measure, inform, educate and benchmark against.

To participate and share your expert opinion on global healthcare workforce development: Join the Survey for Recommendations on eHealth Workforce Education, Training, Status, Competencies, Needs and Trends at this link: [or join by clicking the image below]


Background to the EU*US eHealth Work Project

Today, it is criticial to enhance the experience and performance in the health information technology (HIT) ecosystem. In the digital environment, healthcare authorities are facing huge challenges in ensuring that their personnel have the appropriate skills to provide solid solutions to people's and patient's health. Where to find the appropriate digital skills training for your personnel – or even for yourself – wherever you are based, either side of the Atlantic?

EU-US eHealth Work is working to provide actors in the healthcare field with good ways to educate and hire e-qualified healthcare personnel. EU-US eHealth Work is the continuation of the 2013 -2015 EU-US collaboration on health information technology that formed a solid part of the EU-US Memorandum of Understanding In it, representatives of the European Union and the USA performed an analysis of health workforce IT competencies. The result was a computerised online tool and repository - the HITCOMP Tool and Repository .

Today, EU*US eHealth Work is working to:

  • Identify existing educational resources that help with developing IT competencies and create links to them.
  • Develop an online curriculum that provides the appropriate foundational education in eHealth/healthcare IT.
  • Provide an interactive platform to access both the necessary skills assessment and curriculum features.

EU*US eHealth Work Consortium members are:

  • Omni Micro Systems/Omni Med Solutions UG (Germany),
  • EHTEL (European Health Telematics Association - Belgium),
  • Tampere University of Technology (Finland),
  • Stiftung Fachhochschule (University) Osnabrück (Germany),
  • Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum (Germany)
  • HIMSS Foundation, USA (project execution by the TIGER Initiative).

What is EHTEL's role in the project?

EHTEL is WP leader for WP5 dissemination and exploitation.

EHTEL sees EU-US eHealth Work as an opportunity for EHTEL members to be active participants in these activities. In particular, EHTEL members can:

To support these three activities, the EHTEL Secretariat has set up a taskforce composed of EHTEL members.

The project EUUSEHEALTHWORK is funded from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 727552 (call: H2020-SCI-HCO-13-2016).

Visit the Project Homepage (

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