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EHTEL/ELO Network of National and Regional eHealth competence centres

The Network of National Organisation in Europe engaged in eHealth strategy development and - predominantly - in implemention. The Network consists of National and Regional eHealth competence centres.

The term ELO was originally derived from the concept of "EHTEL like organisations" since it was derived in the time when EHTEL was a eHealth pioneer inspiring activities on the national levels in Europe. Since eHealth strategies and implementation are nowaday wellspread around Europe that meaning is of a more historical nature now. But the members of the group stick to the term EHTEL/ELO network.

EHTEL ELO Network: Networking eHealth Competence in Europe

The EHTEL ELO-Network has been set up before most of the nowadays existing large-scale National projects based National eHealth strategies came into existence. Hence the name "EHTEL-Like Organisations (ELO)", which implies organisations that share like EHTEL the mission, to promote the widespread use of ICTs in health and social care.

With the onset of large National implementations new organisations have been founded, which are have adopted the role of National (or Regional) Competence Centres for eHealth.

Thus at present, in the EHTEL ELO network both National (regional) eHealth organisations as well as promotional associations cooperate to support meaningful and interoperable eHealth implementations throughout Europe.

EHTEL, by sustaining this group as a standing body, enables the organisations to come together to network, to exchange ideas and experiences, and to discuss various pertinent topics.

The group meets twice a year as a minumum.

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