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Webinar EHTEL EHMA 2018

How to accelerate scaling Integrated Care in Europe
EHTEL - EHMA - Thought Leadership Webinar

EHTEL and EHMA are partnering and joining forces with the Scirocco project to raise awareness about management tools and methods which can help implementers to scale-up digital health services and make them an integral part of health and care delivery systems. The webinar will put the spotlight on a new management tool and associated methodologies: the SCIROCCO On-Line tool, which aims to assess the readiness of an environment for Integrated Care. Read more or send an email to to register (deadline: 13 April, EOB) and to receive the GoToMeeting-URL.

EHTEL 2017 Symposium

"Going all digital - Making it happen for health"
A quick briefing on our latest flagship event, the EHTEL 2017 Symposium

The 2017 Event kicked-off on 15 March with the EHTEL Communities day concluded by the EHTEL Symposium Networking Dinner. The plenary day (16 March) has been inspired by EHTEL's championship for the Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society.

More Data, Better Care? Making Data Treasures Actionable
Learn on one more inspiring EHTEL Thought Leadership Debate at eHealth WeekEHTEL Thought Leadership Event 2016 - Better Data - Better Care

On the evening of 9th June 2016, at the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam, a stimulating Thought Leadership debate was facilitated by EHTEL with the support of Emminens, Roche and Intel. The session attracted more than 80 leaders from the fields of European health, care, data analytics, mobile health, pharmaceuticals and technology.

Panellists Bas van den Dungen, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands; Lars Kalfhaus, Roche Diabetes Care Spain; Claire Medd, Health & Life Sciences, Intel Corporation and Rhidian Hurle, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Wales were challenged by moderator Petra Wilson and covered topics as Involving citizens and patients as active partners for knowledge sharing; making data sharing safe; giving control of data to individuals. Making health records more accessible and analyse them to deliver actionable timely insights.
Touch/click here for reading the full event report [PDF].

How to Meet and Interact with and within the EHTEL Community in Social Networks:

To further strengthen the EHTEL Community also in Social Networks, EHTEL has chosen - besides this website, our newsletters and personal emails - Twitter and LinkedIn as preferred channels for professional communication:

For Twitter, you find EHTEL at By following @EHTEL_eHealth, you will be notified of e.g.

  • Changes in the website beyond the homepage, like in the dedicated member pages.
  • Selected Tweets from the European Commission, from our EU Projects like @Scirocco_EU, @eHealthWork, @ProgressiveAHA etc. and of course of our EHTEL members.

For LinkedIn, EHTEL has established three communication channels: Channel 1 is reserved for members. Subscribe to connect and get burning announcements (some for members only). Members also have the possibility to ask us to like and forward their announcements as far as relevant for EHTEL members and/or the wider community.

The EHTEL Board of Directors

  • Members of the Executive Board [since 20 January 2016]:
    President: John Crawford (IBM, UK),
    Vice-President: Simona Abbro (UPMC, Italy)
    Treasurer: Siri Bjørvig (NSE, Norway)
  • Members of the Board of Directors [since 20 January 2016 or 16 March 2017 / in alphabetic order]:
    Simona Abbro (UPMC, Italy), Siri Bjørvig (NSE, Norway), Mette Atipei Craggs (Odense University Hospital - DK), John Crawford (IBM Europe - UK), Professor George Crooks OBE (NHS24 / Scottish Ambulance Service - UK), Andreas Grode (gematik - DE), Dr Rachelle Kaye (Assuta Medical Center - IL), Jordi Martinez Roldán (TicSalut - ES), Mie Hjorth Matthiesen (MedCom - DK), Vesa Jormanainen (THL - National Center of Health and Welfare – FIN).
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