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EHTELconnect services draw on the expertise of EHTEL’s highly experienced and multistakeholder membership to offer expert advice and educational opportunities to individuals and organisations working in the field of digital healthcare. The services support organisations that have a variety of needs, like exploring options for eHealth planning or deployment, reviewing existing activities or seeking to benchmark strategies and plans alongside those of other European agencies. EHTELconnect services offer a range of benefits: They optimise getting access to the experience of recognised experts and doers in the field; they use EHTEL’s proven facilitation skills and they make more than 15 years of specialist experience in the field of healthcare innovation available to you or your organisation.

Moving beyond networking - EHTELconnect

EHTELconnect is a family of tailored services. The four services high-lighted here are just examples of what EHTEL can do with you and for you: 1) Peer Review: A service designed to provide an independent assessment of national, regional or local strategies for innovations in healthcare; 2) Study Visits: Individually tailored opportunities to see real and successful digital healthcare deployments at some of the most important centres of expertise in Europe; 3) Sponsored Educational Slots: A unique opportunity for commercial organisations to showcase a successful digital healthcare implementation during EHTEL’s Annual Symposium. 4) À La Carte Workshops: An opportunity to exploit EHTEL’s organisational skills to bring together leading experts from across Europe to discuss a topic of current interest or importance; Contact the secretariat whenever you would like to discuss co-organising one of these activities.

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Use Case (2015) TEC Critical Success Factors in Scotland

Assessment of the Critical Success Factors for Mainstream Adoption of Technology-Enabled Care in Scotland: Within the TEC Programme, the 18 Critical Success Factors for Mainstreaming Telemedicine Deployment in Daily Practice, along with its Self-Readiness Assessment toolkit, have already been adapted into a Readiness Assessment (Version 1) to support the implementation of TEC within local partnerships. This ‘Scottish version’ (adapted from the European MOMENTUM project – was also influenced by work previously carried out by the JIT on the Readiness for Integration self-assessment.

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Use Case (2013) Peer Review Finnish eHealth Strategy

In early 2013, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland requested an expert peer review of the Finnish eHealth Strategy and Action Plan. It was organised by the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL) in the context of the EHTELconnect service package. The meeting took place in Helsinki, Finland, on 26/27 February 2013. The report has been published by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health of Finland.

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Telehealth Readiness Assessment

What is needed to deploy telemedicine in routine care? The right context, involvement of the key people, good planning and sound “running” of the process. Building on the Momentum Blueprint and its critical success factors and performance indicators, the assessment will help decision makers to scale up technology enabled care overall and telehealth and telemedicines services in particular. A self-assessment toolkit applied in advance helps organisations determine whether they are "ready" for scaling up their services.

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Peer Review

Deploying new services or a new infrastructure building block in the complex health environment can be a daunting task. If services test new ground, involve change and draw on significant resources, it is even more challenging. In these circumstances, it can be very reassuring to have experienced sets of eyes assess the work being undertaken. External experts can give an independent view on the resilience of your approach, potential pitfalls and hidden opportunities. Comparing your approach with models adopted by other European eHealth initiatives can provide you with confidence that your plans are resilient and sustainable.

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Study Visit

An EHTELconnect Study Visit is an opportunity for an organisation active in the field of digital healthcare to open its doors to an audience of other experts and to showcase its achievements while taking the opportunity to hear comments and feedback from visitors drawn from the world of digital healthcare and innovation. The second purpose of a Study Visit is to provide an opportunity for healthcare innovators to see innovation “on the ground” and to question and learn from the host organisation’s experiences. A typical study visit usually involves a mix of presentations from key personnel at the host site complemented by visits to various locations to see the digital healthcare applications in operation.

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Sponsored Events

A Sponsored Event / Sponsored Educational Slot is an opportunity for both commercial and non-commercial organisations to sponsor an educational slot at EHTEL’s Annual Symposium or at other international digital healthcare events where EHTEL is participating. The emphasis is on education usually through the showcasing of a successful implementation of an innovative healthcare deployment. This gives commercial organisations the opportunity to publicise, through their clients, success stories and lessons learned and to promote their name and brand to a targeted audience of healthcare innovators.

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À la Carte Workshop

An EHTELconnect À la Carte Workshop is similar to a sponsored event but differs in that rather than describing a specific implementation, it focuses on a topical area of interest that can be explored in depth by a panel of expert speakers and an audience of prestigious thinkers and practitioners. It provides an opportunity for a commercial organisation to associate itself with current high level policy issues and relevant academic thought.

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