Silver Economy Awards - Call for Applications closing on 10 Dec
Silver Economy Awards Awarding those improving the lives of senior Europeans.

Serving as a catalyst to stimulate a sustainable Europe-wide digital Silver Economy movement, the Silver Economy Awards promote and reward innovative and creative ideas that have proven benefits for people aged 50 and above. Call for Applications extended for 10 Dec

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HIMSS Europe 2017 eHealth Leadership Award for Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL Team Member
eHealth Leadership Award was delivered to Diane Whitehouse
Congratulations to Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL Principal eHealth Policy Analyst, awarded at eHealth Week in Malta.

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Member Channel

Information reserved for EHTEL members (request your login if needed: bottom of right column). EHTEL Members' Newsletters holding special offers, Proceedings of the Annual General Meetings, Minutes of Meetings of the EHTEL Board of Directors and workspaces for EHTEL Stakeholder Groups like the EHTEL/ELO Network.

EHTEL Members' Newsletters

EHTEL Member Newsletters provide our membership with early legislative warnings and other exclusive informations. In 2013, we have changed the format for an email disseminated HTML newsletter that can be assessed here for reference. The last "Flash 5" edition (2011 - 2012 - PDF newsletter) features a Welcome Message by the new EHTEL President, Professor George Crooks OBE. "EHTEL is ideally placed not only to represent members views but also to advise and influence opinion formers across Europe utilising the extensive knowledge and expertise of the Membership".

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Annual General Meetings

EHTEL member meetings, i.e. Annual General Meetings (AGM) take place twice a year, in June/July as a virtual meeting (eAGM) using electronic communication and as a face-to-face meeting in the fourth quarter of the year. The eAGM is a formal meeting that allows EHTEL to comply with Belgian legislation. The primary objective is to approve the financial results of the previous year and to release the Board from its responsibilities towards the Members of EHTEL. At the eAGM everything happens via email and the internal website of EHTEL. Please refer to the "eCommunication" section of each eAGM to see the discussion of the Annual Report to the Membership.

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Reserved area for the EHTEL/ELO Network, i.e. the network of National and Regional eHealth competence centres with a policy or legislation mandate. !! NB: If you see just one older publication and otherwise an empty folder here below, login with your member credentials !!

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