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The publications sections holds both EHTEL Briefing Papers and Reports as well as external publications relevant to the eHealth stakeholders community.

Event Documentation

Conferences on eHealth: Documentation and Presentations for Download, e.g. The Evening Session "From Hindsight to Foresight - creating integrated communities of care" - co-organised by EHTEL and IBM at the recent eHealth Week featured a compelling Thought Leader Panel discussion at the recent eHealth Week in Dublin. "EHTEL - Intel Workshop in the European Parliament: eHealth 2020 – What Synergies for Europe?": More than one hundred eHealth-enthusiasts – representing a wide stakeholder spectrum and many Nationalities – joined in to discuss two main perspectives of the future of eHealth: 1) From Experience to Vision: Trusting eHealth; 2) From Vision to Actions: Synergies for the Future of eHealth in Europe. [...] etc

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Briefing Papers, Use Case Reports and Lessons Learned

ETHICAL Principles for eHealth: Conclusions from the Consultation of Ethics Experts around the Globe, A Briefing Paper; Lessons learned from the EHTEL 2010 Symposium "eHealth in Europe's Regions: Acting for Citizens' Health" and two (longer) Briefing Papers far: 10th Anniversary Briefing Paper "Reflections on a Decade of eHealth – the second stage in Healthcare Transformation" and the Briefing Paper "Sustainable Telemedicine: paradigms for future-proof healthcare".

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EHTEL Navigator

"Navigator, the EHTEL Newsletter", highlights focal points of EHTEL's activities and a calendar of events. It is published two to four times a year with some flexibility i.e. depending on projects and events.

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EHTEL Ambassador Presentations

Presentations by the EHTEL Team or the EHTEL Board of Directors to new eHealth Communities e.g. in China: As eHealth Ambassador in China, EHTEL is in the process of establishing some collaboration about eHealth with a research institute in China, the School of Life Science of the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), depending from the University of Beijing, and the Institute of Science and technical information of China (ISTIC), depending from the ministry of Science and Technology.

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Patient and Citizen Positions

Position Papers of the EHTEL Patients&Citizens Stakeholder Group, sometimes referred to as Empowering Patients&Citizens Group.

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eHealth Studies and Reports

This section holds copies of eHealth position papers, guidelines and recommandations of organisations active in the field of eHealth as well as Communications and Directives by the European Commission.

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ProEHTEL reports and early adopters' messages

This section holds - for reference - ProEHTEL reports and papers, i.e. publications of the years 2001 - 2004.

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