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Briefing Papers, Use Case Reports and Lessons Learned

ETHICAL Principles for eHealth: Conclusions from the Consultation of Ethics Experts around the Globe, A Briefing Paper; Lessons learned from the EHTEL 2010 Symposium "eHealth in Europe's Regions: Acting for Citizens' Health" and two (longer) Briefing Papers far: 10th Anniversary Briefing Paper "Reflections on a Decade of eHealth – the second stage in Healthcare Transformation" and the Briefing Paper "Sustainable Telemedicine: paradigms for future-proof healthcare".

Study Visit (Use Case) Report on "Telehealth and Telecare Services within Scotland and Role of the First Line"

Report on the joint AIM - EHTEL Study Visit 19 - 20 January 2012. Background for Study Visits / Use Case Reports with a focus on Disease Management and Personal Health Services in Support of Chronically Ill Patients and Persons at Risk: Following current health needs, a paradigm shift “from acute care to prevention and proactive management of chronic conditions” is needed and some examples of early adopters of this trend may already be observed. To adjust health and social care to this paradigm, eHealth and telemedicine play a crucial role. To better understand the (potential) contribution of eHealth telemedicine to an efficient organisation of health systems and services, to improve health care overall, to explore critical success factors and risks, to learn from the lessons of others and share experience about integrating telemedicine services into daily clinical practice, EHTEL and AIM have decided to join forces and to invite their respective constituencies to bi-annual telemedicine study tours from 2011 onward. The study visit to Scotland was the second in the series of bi-annual telemedicine study tours.

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Study Visit (Use Case) Report on "Disease management supported by telemedicine: a use case in Southern Denmark"

AIM and EHTEL organised a short study visit that took place on March 16 and 17, 2011 at Odense University Hospital in the Region of Southern Denmark. The focus of the visit was on the way in which the hospital and the region are seeking to handle the management of chronic conditions through the use of telemedicine. The visitors comprised around twenty members of the two organisations. They included clinicians, payers, and members of eHealth-related not-for-profit associations. Denmark is a country of some 5.45 million citizens, of which some 7 per cent are immigrants. Its geographic area is 43,000 square kilometres. In terms of technology, it has Europe's highest broadband penetration (35% in 2010) and its population has extensive access to the internet. In health terms, it has five separate regions which are responsible for healthcare whereas its 98 municipalities are responsible for homecare. The healthcare budget is largely paid for through the tax system, and there are co-payments for some elements like dentistry and medicines.

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ETHICAL Principles for eHealth - Briefing Paper

ETHICAL Principles for eHealth: Conclusions from the Consultation of Ethics Experts around the Globe, A Briefing Paper. From the foreword by former EHTEL President Martin Denz: Trust and credibility are at heart of any relationship, this counts all the more for healthcare. Preconditions for this are ethical principles and personal values. If eHealth stakeholders are aiming for sustainability, this must be grounded in responsible thus ethically based activities. It is therefore crucial to reflect about ethical determinants and conditions related to eHealth. With this Briefing Paper, EHTEL aims to reinforce its role as an integrative enabler. Beyond its activities as a platform and networking node, EHTEL is creating added value for all healthcare stakeholders by producing reports and publications. This document has been prepared to provide Members and Friends of EHTEL with an overview of the work of the ETHICAL 7th Framework project. The project was concerned with the ethical issues that surround the collection, use and retention of medical and biometric data. This report concentrates on those aspects of the project that were associated with medical data. Using extracts from the project’s deliverables, it highlights ethical issues that have a bearing on the design, delivery and operation of eHealth developments.

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EHTEL Briefing Paper: Policy lessons from a decade of eHealth – bringing a new direction into focus

With this Briefing Paper, EHTEL aims at reframing current policy approaches, by analysing how deployment of eHealth evolved and why not all goals have been reached until now. One key insight is that eHealth stakeholders and policy makers are disconnected from the realities “in the field”. Having identified a gap and by relying on EHTEL’s core competencies, we will bring solutions to all actors in order to successfully bridge this gap together. EHTEL is determined to contribute for pragmatic and reality-based solutions, which means to build upon practical and well grounded experience. It is our understanding that all actors and participants in healthcare – whether using an “e”, “m” or “Tele” for their communities – need to communicate, to exchange experiences in personal networks. And we are confident in the raise of a new breed of younger and elder leaders who understand the needs in healthcare.

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Lessons learned from the Symposium "eHealth in Europe's Regions: Acting for Citizens’ Health"

The Symposium “eHealth in Europe's Regions: Acting for Citizens’ Health” provided a platform for regions all over the continent to share experiences on promoting health and welfare, on the deployment of eHealth services and on the organisation of healthcare with the aid of information and communication technologies.

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10th Anniversary Briefing Paper: Reflections on a Decade of eHealth - the second stage in Healthcare Transformation

The past decade has been the witness of quite noticeable changes of health care by Health ICT. Nowadays, eHealth symbolises the modernisation of healthcare in support of quality of care, empowerment of patients, higher efficiency and also increased health professional job satisfaction. This has not happened by itself, rather a synergy of strategic plans, political commitments and technical developments was needed.

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EHTEL Briefing Paper Sustainable Telemedicine

With this Briefing Paper "Sustainable Telemedicine: paradigms for future-proof healthcare", EHTEL would like to offer all stakeholders, i.e. politicians, citizens/patients, health professionals, healthcare providers, health insurers and many others a snapshot of the State of the Art on the European, National and Regional levels with the focus on sustainable services.

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