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CALLIOPE - CALL for InterOPErability

CALLIOPE has been set up by the EU-funded Thematic Network "CALLIOPE - Creating a European coordination network for eHealth interoperability implementation" The project was launched on 1 June 2008 with a duration of 30 months. The main goal of the CALLIOPE Network has been to produce value for decision makers for national eHealth implementations. CALLIOPE comprises a dedicated forum where decision makers, implementers, professionals, patients and other stakeholders can share visions, experiences and good practices on how to establish interoperable eHealth services.

CALLIOPE - CALL for InterOPErability

CALLIOPE - CALL for InterOPErability

The Network has established a successful collaborative platform for many actors in eHealth interoperability in Europe. The CALLIOPE governance has enabled clear and transparent communication routes and working procedures. The process of consensus-building has reached six main achievements.

  1. Offering support to European decision-makers with regard to EU level actions on eHealth.
  2. Enlarging active representation of EU and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) activities. CALLIOPE established a roster of 22 national members in 2010
  3. Enlarging active involvement of European eHealth stakeholder organizations.
  4. Developing and validating an open working method among stakeholders
  5. Creating a working collaboration method between the appropriate eHealth large-scale pilot(s) and a wider range of Member States & and sta-keholders CALLepSO collaboration
  6. Building an eHealth Interoperability roadmapping process.


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