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Project description

FARSEEING aimed to promote better prediction, prevention and support for older people at risk of falling. Smartphones and body-worn sensors were used to keep track of physical behaviour and falls. A fall repository for data on physical behaviour monitored by body worn sensors was set up (with nearly 2,000 people with and without falls).
A key innovation of the project was a web-based fall risk assessment tool, called FRAT-up, validated on four large European cohorts of patients.
Acceptability of technologies by older people and motivational aspects were assessed. This led to the writing of guidelines on older adults’ perceptions of technologies aimed at falls prevention, detection or monitoring.
The FARSEEING taxonomy is available as an on-line tool  that provides a core way of assessing technologies for the purposes of systematic review, meta-analysis, and evidence synthesis.
One of FARSEEING’s most successful dissemination activities was the organisation of the first European Union Falls Festival in 2015. The festival is now an event not to be missed for the falls prevention community. In October 2019 the fifth edition of the event will be organized in Umeå, Sweden (http://www.eufallsfest.eu/).

University of Bologna - Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering

The University of Bologna coordinated the project and was responsible for the technology development in FARSEEING. The department drew on its expertise with artificial intelligence, mobile health, and biomedical engineering.
The FARSEEING Real-World Fall Repository is currently the largest collection of validated real-world fall data recorded with wearable sensors. It is available for sharing upon request.
A spin-off company, mHealth Technologies s.r.l., was created by the University of Bologna. The company exploits some of the project results related with the assessment of functional capacity and activity monitoring. 

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  This project received EU funding.

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