EU*US eHealth Work project

EU*US eHealth skills collaboration opportunity webinar

Interactively broadcasting a session of the 43rd Finnish Healthcare ICT Conference, the webinar publishes the results obtained so far in the EU*US eHealth Work project.




The project aims at improving the digital skills of all people working in health care to make better use of technology and health information systems. The webinar will gather inputs from the global audience to advance the mission and achieve the goals of the project under the Horizon 2020 programme.

The EU*US eHealth Work project (Sept 2016 to Feb 2018) measures, informs, educates, and advances activities, skills and actors in the eHealth workforce. The project will utilise its “network of networks” to create an enduring legacy in eHealth workforce development. EHTEL is member to the project consortium.


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EU*US eHealth Work project's Final Conference
Final Conf MIE2018 25 April MiniHeader v30 800 1
The Final Conference informed the global stakeholder community (live, on site and via remote access) about project milestones and achievements as well as the strategy to make project assets durable and sustainable.
Through collaboration and support from MIE 2018 Conference hosts, the event embedded three building blocks (Part I, II & III) seamlessly into MIE 2018 proceedings for best stakeholder interaction. Part II and III have been live broadcasted and recorded.
You can find the webinars here below:
Part II: EU*US eHealth Work hands-on demonstrations (BYOD)
Part III: EU*US eHealth Work Interactive presentation of project achievements, milestones and outcomes
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