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UNICOM is a major European health innovation project started in December 2019 which helps to ensure that any medicine and what it contains can be accurately identified anywhere in the world.

UNICOM focuses on further development of the IDMP suite (IDentification of Medicinal Products) of ISO standards, their testing, implementation and diffusion for regulatory purposes by National Medicines Agencies. IDMP implementation is needed for a wide range of purposes. These include:

- global pharmacovigilance

- advancing European cross-border ePrescription services

- improved patient safety and better healthcare

- public health services

- clinical research

- big data analytics

- artificial intelligence applications.

Understand the issues at stake and make your voice heard by attending the first UNICOM event targeted at national and European healthcare professionals and patients’ organisations!

Who should participate?

All individuals and organisations interested and involved in the daily management of medicinal products such as healthcare organisations, healthcare professionals and patients.

Why should you participate?

The ongoing COVID-19 crisis provides convincing examples of the urgent need to identify medicinal products correctly. People, patients, and healthcare professionals need now to rely on globally comparable quality information for clinical safety; compare outcomes achieved with different kinds of interventions; and take sound decisions related to pharmacovigilance, drugs shortages, and dynamic clinical trials.

A solution is at hand with the IDMP suite of standards, but there are still many challenges and resistances. 

This workshop will explain the issues at stake via the use of true-to-life stories. It will highlight the concrete benefits of IDMP implementation for at least four stakeholder groups. It will collect feedback from stakeholders’ representatives and inform the further development and European Union (EU)-wide implementation of IDMP standards towards better and safer healthcare within the EU and globally.


Save the date: 21 April 10:00 -11:30 CET

Practical information

Date : 21/04/2021 Time: 10:00 > 13:00 Register

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