Position Paper on Digital Health by the EHTEL community published
EHTEL community at eHTEL Symposium 2014
Throughout 2017, in the European Union there have been a number of public consultations on pressing topics around digital health and care. All the key themes are extremely relevant at European, national and regional levels. In their contributions, EHTEL’s members have focused on three key issues:

  • Citizens’ empowerment and their online access to health and care data.
  • Continuity of care and interoperable service implementation.
  • Digital transformation management and governance.
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A Community to Join

EHTEL is the one multi-stakeholder organisation within Europe that brings together organisations and individuals engaged in all aspects of eHealth. Its unique structure enables the exchange of ideas and information leading to innovation and improvement in the delivery of eHealth solutions and the transformation of health and social care. It does not lobby on behalf of particular groups but rather facilitates interaction between all of them


EHTEL: Collaborating for digital health and care in Europe

Founded in 1999, EHTEL (the European Health Telematics Association) is a pan European multi-stakeholder forum providing a leadership and networking platform for European corporate, institutional and individual actors dedicated to the betterment of healthcare delivery through eHealth.

The European eHealth Multidisciplinary Stakeholder Platform

EHTEL serves and convenes a growing membership of more than 50 organisations that come from various viewpoints but united in their interest to make eHealth work. By collecting and distilling their voices through work groups and publications, EHTEL amplifies the constituency for eHealth in the European arena. We also facilitate the sharing of experience with colleagues and representatives across Europe and beyond.

At EHTEL, we take an holistic view of eHealth. We collaborate closely with European Associations representing Hospitals (HOPE and EHMA), Health Insurers (AIM), Physicians (CPME, UEMS), Pharmacists (PGEU, EAHP), Nurses (EFN), patient and citizens (AGE, European Patients’ Forum), as well as with professional associations dedicated to the quality and certification of care processes and eHealth services (ESQH, EuroRec).

The multitude of backgrounds and interests of these stakeholders enable EHTEL, as a neutral forum, to draw a more complete picture of the benefits and challenges of the deployment of ICT in the fields of health and social care, thereby also identifying topics requiring particular attention and further developments at European level.

EHTEL services our membership with educational and networking opportunities including:

  • Conferences and seminars on Interoperability, Sustainable Telemedicine, Chronic Disease Management, Patient Empowerment, Infrastructure, ePrescribing, and User Acceptance.
  • Stakeholder groups - the Ministries of Health Group, the Group of Competence Centres and the one representing Patients, Citizens and Consumers.
  • Task Forces on Interoperability of infrastructure and services, Telemedicine and Chronic Disease Management, Patient Safety and eMedication, Clinical Process Management, Innovation and Society.

As the eHealth focal point in Europe, EHTEL supports all organisations and individuals interested in accessing eHealth information in Europe

EHTEL welcomes four categories of members:

  • Working Membership is for those organisations (corporate, government agencies, research institutions etc) for whom the betterment of healthcare delivery through eHealth deployment plays a pivotal role in their core business in the European marketplace.
  • Individual Membership allows individuals to shape the eHealth agenda as part of a recognised stakeholder platform. It also allows you to learn about new developments before everybody else.
  • Associate Membership: Associate Members are accepted by virtue of a co-operation agreement on an annual basis.
  • Honorary Membership: This status is granted on a personal basis by the Board of Directors of EHTEL.

A full list of our current membership can be downloaded here.

EHTEL members benefit from direct access to

  • Participation in EHTEL Task Forces and Working Groups (information about latest EHTEL initiatives can be
    found at
  • Advance EHTEL legislative and regulatory alerts
  • Discounts on events supported or organised by EHTEL
  • Key players within the eHealth ecosystem for networking and partnership opportunities
  • Key EU, national and regional policy makers to share information and showcase best practices
  • A body of shared research – the EHTEL document repository
  • The EHTEL Newsletter "The Navigator"
  • Members only section of the website

EHTEL members have the opportunity to

  • Request the organisation of dedicated expert workshops and seminars shaped to your interests (extra costs may apply)
  • Post Press releases within the EHTEL area of eHealth-related newswires partnered by EHTEL
  • Contribute editorials to various magazines on EHTEL-related topics (wearing the EHTEL hat)
  • Provide information for the members only “hot news” communication function
  • Enhance your brand and visibility by exhibiting at, or sponsoring EHTEL events (extra costs may apply)
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