Silver Economy Awards - Call for Applications closing on 10 Dec
Silver Economy Awards Awarding those improving the lives of senior Europeans.

Serving as a catalyst to stimulate a sustainable Europe-wide digital Silver Economy movement, the Silver Economy Awards promote and reward innovative and creative ideas that have proven benefits for people aged 50 and above. Call for Applications extended for 10 Dec

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HIMSS Europe 2017 eHealth Leadership Award for Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL Team Member
eHealth Leadership Award was delivered to Diane Whitehouse
Congratulations to Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL Principal eHealth Policy Analyst, awarded at eHealth Week in Malta.

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Stakeholders in EHTEL

EHTEL members (currently 60) represent are broad spectrum of stakeholders like Healthcare Authorities, eHealth Competence Centres, Citizens/Patients Groups, Health Professionals, Health Insurers, Academics and industry.

Stakeholders in EHTEL

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