Position Paper on Digital Health by the EHTEL community published
EHTEL community at eHTEL Symposium 2014
Throughout 2017, in the European Union there have been a number of public consultations on pressing topics around digital health and care. All the key themes are extremely relevant at European, national and regional levels. In their contributions, EHTEL’s members have focused on three key issues:

  • Citizens’ empowerment and their online access to health and care data.
  • Continuity of care and interoperable service implementation.
  • Digital transformation management and governance.
Silver Economy Awards - Call for Applications closing on 10 Dec
Silver Economy Awards Awarding those improving the lives of senior Europeans.

Serving as a catalyst to stimulate a sustainable Europe-wide digital Silver Economy movement, the Silver Economy Awards promote and reward innovative and creative ideas that have proven benefits for people aged 50 and above. Call for Applications extended for 10 Dec

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EHTEL 2017 Symposium

Thank you for joining the EHTEL 2017 Symposium
"Going all digital - Making it happen for health"


EHTEL 2017 Symposium

The 2017 Event kicked-off on 15 March with the EHTEL Communities day concluded by the EHTEL Symposium Networking Dinner. The agenda of 16 March (public plenary day) has been inspired by EHTEL's championship for the Blueprint on Digital Transformation of Health and Care for the Ageing Society.

Reports and further documentation of Study Visit to ISMETT/UPMC in Palermo, Italy

Direct access to [PDF] EHTELconnect Reports: (Part 1) "Providing integrated care in ISMETT, southern Italy, the euro-Mediterranean region, and wider" ||| (Part 2) Webinar "Global Panel on New Health-IT EU-US-Memorandum of Understandings’ Work-stream on Innovation Ecosystems” [colocated to the Study Visit].

EHTEL 2016 Thought Leadership Debate at eHealth Week
Better Data, Better Care? Learn on Making Data Treasures Actionable EHTEL Thought Leadership Event 2016 - Better Data - Better Care

On the evening of 9th June 2016, at the DeLaMar Theatre in Amsterdam, a stimulating Thought Leadership debate was facilitated by EHTEL with the support of Emminens, Roche and Intel. The session attracted more than 80 leaders from the fields of European health, care, data analytics, mobile health, pharmaceuticals and technology.

Panellists Bas van den Dungen, Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport of the Netherlands; Lars Kalfhaus, Roche Diabetes Care Spain; Claire Medd, Health & Life Sciences, Intel Corporation and Rhidian Hurle, Chief Clinical Information Officer for Wales were challenged by moderator Petra Wilson and covered topics as Involving citizens and patients as active partners for knowledge sharing; making data sharing safe; giving control of data to individuals. Making health records more accessible and analyse them to deliver actionable timely insights.
Touch/click here for reading the full event report [PDF].

See Results: "Our Digital Health ... is everyone ready?"

Access now (touch/click image below) the presentations and briefing papers from the Joint Digital Healthcare Symposium, co-organised by United4Health and EHTEL 19-20 January 2016 in  Brussels.


Joint Symposium First Session
VISIT HERE the Joint Symposium REPORTING PAGE (work in progress) and learn about the headline lessons learned and outcomes from the evaluation of the large scale European telehealth deployment project United4Health. As the pace of technology innovation is ever increasing, you are invited to look forward into the practice as well as the future of service transformation in healthcare.

"eHealth in Europe: Reality and Challenges Ahead"

[Photo courtesy of STOA] Click here or EP picture above for EP Think Tank workshop summary (BLOG post)

See here the recorded webstream of our affiliated  eHealth Policy Event chaired by MEP Eva Kaili at the European Parliament in Brussels (Recording). Doers from the field have informed policy makers of what it really means to use eHealth and mHealth at scale to transform healthcare delivery. Access presentations here

EHTEL 2015 Thought Leadership Debate at eHealth Week
Healthcare on the Move - The mobile triangle of information EHTEL Thought Leadership Event 2015 - Healthcare on the Move - Event Report

EHTEL, Assuta and MSD provided a series of visionary talks - nicely supported by the view on the skyline of Riga. Our distinguished guests - leaders in mobile health and integrated healthcare - have reflected on the mobile triangle of health information (patients, physicians and provider organisations). This triangle opens up fascinating new opportunities for patients at the point of care as well as for health professional practice. “Move the information, not the patient” has never held more true. [touch images or here for event report]

Challenged by George Crooks (EHTEL), panellists Guy Eiferman (MSD), Dany Engel (Assuta), Joan Cornet (Mobile World Capital), Peteris Zilgalvis (EC) and the Latvian Health Ministry will debated questions like
>> How to best leverage mobile options for patients and health professionals? <<
>> How to avoid "digital burnout" by (not) flooding devices with unfiltered alerts. <<
>> How to securely manage medical data of patients and consumers in the cloud? <<
>> How to balance privacy and the promises of Big Data? <<

EHTEL Thought Leadership Event 2015 - Healthcare on the Move

    The EHTEL Board of Directors

    • Members of the Executive Board [since 20 January 2016]:
      President: John Crawford (IBM, UK),
      Vice-President: Simona Abbro (UPMC, Italy)
      Treasurer: Päivi Hämäläinen (THL - National Institute for Health and Welfare, FI)
    • Members of the Board of Directors [since 20 January 2016 or 16 March 2017 / in alphabetic order]:
      Simona Abbro (UPMC, Italy), Siri Bjørvig (NSE, Norway), Joan Cornet Prat (Mobile World Capital - ES), , Mette Atipei Craggs (Odense University Hospital - DK), John Crawford (IBM Europe - UK), Professor George Crooks OBE (NHS24 / Scottish Ambulance Service - UK), Ifan Evans (Welsh Government), Andreas Grode (gematik - DE), Dr Päivi Hämäläinen (National Institute for Health and Welfare - FI), Dr Rachelle Kaye (Assuta Medical Center - IL), Tino Martí Aguasca (TicSalut - ES), Mie Hjorth Matthiesen (MedCom - DK), Mário Romão (Intel Corporation – BE).
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