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eHealth Events (current and upcoming)

Please contact the Management Team if you are particularly interested on one of the events. We might be able to offer liaison to the organisers and member conditions

TicSalut mConnectathon

The TicSalut mConnectathon offers a unique opportunity for developers to test the interoperability of their applications in a structured environment and in interaction with their peers. The objective of the 1st TicSalut mConnectathon is to run connectivity and interoperability tests with the soon-to-be operational Digital Health Platform in a neutral and controlled environment. The participants will be challenged to integrate, on site, their previously developed applications with the Digital Health Platform, using an SDK code provided by the organisers.”

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17th Internat. Conference for Integrated Care

17th International Conference for Integrated Care "Building a platform for integrated care: delivering change that matters to people"

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eHealth Week 2017

The overarching theme of eHealth Week 2017 is Data for Health: the key to personalised sustainable care. Data lies at the heart of service delivery and the development of effective health policy.

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King's Fund Digital Health and Care Congress 2017

Digital Health and Care Congress 2017 - Embedding technology in health and social care. The congress is now in it's seventh year and it regularly sells out, attracting more than 500 delegates who come to hear about the design and application of new technologies; to share experiences; and to showcase new ideas, new research and new innovations in digital health, mobile health, telehealth and telecare.

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