Call for Silver Economy Awards
Silver Economy Awards Awarding those improving the lives of senior Europeans.

Serving as a catalyst to stimulate a sustainable Europe-wide digital Silver Economy movement, the Silver Economy Awards promote and reward innovative and creative ideas that have proven benefits for people aged 50 and above. Call for Applications closes by 15 Nov 2017

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HIMSS Europe 2017 eHealth Leadership Award for Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL Team Member
eHealth Leadership Award was delivered to Diane Whitehouse
Congratulations to Diane Whitehouse, EHTEL Principal eHealth Policy Analyst, awarded at eHealth Week in Malta.

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eHealth Events (current and upcoming)

Please contact the Management Team if you are particularly interested on one of the events. We might be able to offer liaison to the organisers and member conditions

AAL Forum 2017: Bridging the gaps between technology and active ageing

Join us for the AAL Forum 2017, one of the largest European events for reporting and supporting technological developments and ideas for active and healthy ageing. The forum presents the best of current research and practice in bridging the gap between technology and growing older, emphasising innovation and debate. With the PROGRESSIVE project, EHTEL is represented in the workshop "Changing Mindsets: New Approaches to ALL" (WS21, 4 Oct, 16h00-17h30) dedicated to developing innovative services in the context of the Active and Assisted Living Programme.

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20th European Health Forum Gastein "Health in All Politics – a better future for Europe"

Since its foundation in 1998 the European Health Forum Gastein (EHFG) conference has developed into a key annual event, bringing together, politicians, senior decision-makers, representatives of interest groups, and experts in the field of public health and healthcare.

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Open Days 2017 – 15th European Week of Regions and Cities

In 2017, the European Week of Regions and Cities (EWRC 2017) will reach its 15th birthday. It is a moment of both looking back and looking forward, whilst tackling the challenges that the EU regional and urban policy should be addressing, as of today, and over the coming years.

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WHINN - Week of Health and INNovation

WHINN is one of its kind with more than 1.400 attendees in 2016; a festival that consist of conferences, events, innovation and business activities, which are brought together in one week all within health and innovation.

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Health in the Digital Society. Digital Society for Health

Year 2017 provides two opportunities to join an EU Presidency conference on eHealth. This second event will be co-organized by the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and the European Commission. „Health in the Digital Society. Digital Society for Health“ will focus on how digital technologies and wider use of health data are changing our lives and the ways of healthcare.

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eHealth Forum (Athens) 2017 - eHealth: equal access to health and sustainable growth

The eHealth Forum brings together ehealth gatekeepers, industry leaders, scientists, patients and innovators in Athens between the 19th and 24th of October, 2017 at Technopolis City of Athens venue. Delegations and representatives gather to network and collaborate in order to promote digital health integration for equal access and a sustainable future for the Greek economy and the surrounding region.

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4th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth

The 4th European Congress on eCardiology and eHealth - Connecting clinicians, technology and health policy to deliver improved patient care - is dedicated to the use of eHealth solutions in every aspect of cardiovascular care such as prevention, diagnosis, risk assessment, monitoring, education, counselling and treatment. Join the cardiovascular community in Berlin!

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