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Kelyon has been an EHTEL Member since September 2020.


The company was founded by a group of young and dynamic ICT and healthcare professionals. It started out in Italy, in 2008 and expanded its market in UK in 2018 to reinforce its position in the international scenario. Their big ambitions were centred on improving the lives of patients and helping shape the future of healthcare around the world.

Thirteen years later, Kelyon is a well-established digital health company, with a clear understanding of unmet, ever-changing clinical needs. Its core multidisciplinary team of top-level experts focuses on some of today’s most challenging issues in medical and biomedical field through advanced digital solutions and certified Software as a Medical Device, with high attention on how to protect the privacy and security of patients’ clinical data.

What Kelyon is doing

Kelyon provides comprehensive and complete expertise in developing Software-based Medical Devices (SMDs) and eHealth applications for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of life-changing diseases. The company offers complete and systematic guidance about the needs for SMDs and e-Health apps, covering all phases of the development process – from concept development to final roll-out and maintenance – while complying with all regulatory requirements.

Kelyon’s digital solutions help physicians to monitor the health status of patients experiencing a wide range of chronic or complex diseases from oncology and rheumatology to rare diseases and make optimal clinical decisions including in the field of precision medicine. Some of the apps that the company develops simplify access to molecular diagnostic tests, support the prediction of clinical conditions to optimise targeted therapies, improve data sharing between medical professionals, and facilitate patient support programs.

All Kelyon’s tools, built on open source technologies and cloud-based, are based on algorithms validated by top medical Key Opinion Leaders and by the scientific community.

To learn more about Kelyon, visit their website.


EHTEL is proud to count Kelyon as one of its members. It admires the way in which the company is at the forefront of the latest health-tech trends, it follows closely the newest developments in European legislation, and makes progress on the digital health scene at large.


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