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Virtual coaching activities for rehabilitation in elderly


Project description

Personalised rehabilitation, better continuity of care, and a better quality of life are phenomenally important issues for Europe’s patients. This is why the vCare project aims to provide a smart coaching solution grounded in the logic of personalised care pathways.


On 29-30 August 2022 vCare held its final conference in Brussels, Belgium. You can watch the videos below and read a summary of the conference here.



It works on virtual coaching activities to assist rehabilitation in elderly people and improving rehabilitation for people as they age. vCare explores how data from three sources – the living environment, health information, and regular interactions with affected patients – can be linked intelligently.

As a result, patients can move from clinical rehabilitation in the hospital to home, accompanied by a highly personalised solution. Ultimately, a proof-of-concept will be produced: the coach should provide personalised advice, guidance and follow-up for key age related challenges in daily life. This research and innovation project includes a wide range of stakeholders: clinicians, researchers, and technical designers, and experts in infrastructures, cloud, interoperability, standards, and design.


EHTEL's role

It is crucially important to communicate about these latest clinical and technological advances. EHTEL’s chief role in this project is hence around all the activities involving communication and dissemination

Over the first year of the project, the association worked intensively to support the design and building of an attractive and informative website, with news about the key consortium events, activities, and reports. In its second and third years, vCare published four newsletters, several videos and cartoons, and presented at and attended – physically or virtually – several high-level meetings and conferences. The team continues to attend such events e.g., at AgeingFit 2022, vCare presented a pitch on its exploitation possibilities. 

Most recently, in the project’s fourth year of operation, EHTEL has supported vCare in identifying the project’s key exploitable results and in designing an exploitation strategy

Project deliverables

Watch the videos of the vCare Final Conference and read a summary of the event here.


vCare final report



D1.9 vCare cost effectiveness study




vCare Narratives booklet for rehabilitation



D1.2 Narratives booklet for rehabilitation assistance






This project vCare has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769807.

***For more information visit the project website***


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