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What does it mean to be an EHTEL member? What can you get out of being part of our network? 

EHTEL members tell you why their organisation joined EHTEL, and what benefits their organisations gain from EHTEL membership. Let's give them the floor!

Listen to EHTEL members telling us why they have chosen EHTEL and what are the main benefits they gain:


Listen to MedCom Chief Consultant and manager of international activities, Janne Rasmussen, explain the value of EHTEL for Danish member, MedCom:


EHTEL members, from all around Europe, tell you how being part of the EHTEL community improved their work, to give you an idea of what is it like to be part of EHTEL:


Past and current Board Members share their views on what EHTEL offers their organisations:
Donna Henderson
Head of International Engagement, TEC and Digital Healthcare Innovation
Scottish Government
Donna Henderson 2021 250
“The Scottish Government's Digital Health and Care Directorate joined EHTEL because it is well recognised as being one of the most influential digital health networks in Europe. Our membership of EHTEL enables us to keep up-to-date with current European policy on digital health, as well as improving our awareness of best practice and new developments in enabling technologies in health and care. It also offers us many opportunities to promote Scotland’s successes and share knowledge with other regions and organisations - this knowledge exchange is invaluable in informing and shaping Scotland’s policy agenda in the area of digital health and care.“

 Randi Laukli
Head of Communications 
Norwegian Centre for e-Health Research
randi laukli 250x325


“The Norwegian Centre for E-health Research has been an active member of EHTEL for many years. We strongly believe that we need to come together to go forward. As one of the most important eHealth communities in Europe, EHTEL offers excellent opportunities for networking with other stakeholders - thus creating possible alliances that will bring us further towards digitalised health care throughout Europe.  EHTEL provides an ideal platform for sharing our research-based knowledge with other stakeholders - for us, it is important that such knowledge is shared and used.“


Simona Abbro
Senior Director Marketing Communications and PR 
UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Centre) - Italy

“UPMC joined EHTEL to take an active part in a European network of stakeholders working on eHealth, Digital Health and healthcare in general. As a member of EHTEL, UPMC meets and interacts with other key stakeholders at the European level. Through EHTEL, we actively participate in European calls and projects. Membership helps us to develop new ideas on present and future projects; and look for concrete outcomes in the healthcare and digital sectors in the European community and beyond. UPMC also benefits from the training, workshops and conferences carried out by EHTEL.” 


Siri Bjørvig
Director Personal eHealth
Norwegian Centre for eHealth Research (NSE) – Norway

“The Norwegian Centre for eHealth Research joined EHTEL to be a part of one of the most important eHealth communities in Europe. EHTEL supports all stakeholders in their interests and engagement in eHealth. It does so by providing first-hand insight and information about what drives key eHealth policies, frameworks, and deployment in Europe. Collaborating in the EHTEL network offers us value, access to new knowledge, and the opportunity to find new partners for future projects.” 


Matteo Antonio Melideo
Head of IT Systems for Health Research Unit
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica - ITALY


“Engineering Ingegneria Informatica has been a member of EHTEL for many years now. The reason it decided to join was to enlarge the network of contacts and partnerships it has in the healthcare sector in Europe. Being a member of EHTEL has given Engineering the possibility to increase its visibility in competencies and skills beyond Italy’s national borders. Engineering wants to try to influence healthcare strategies at European level and benefit from a potential network of contacts that promotes and participates in European Union initiatives." 

Mette Atipei Craggs

Specialist Consultant

Centre for Telepsychiatry - Denmark


“The Centre for Telepsychiatry in the Region of Southern Denmark has joined EHTEL with high expectations of benefitting from its unique networking opportunities and insights into the workings of key European institutions. We join a long list of Danish organisations with strong strategic approaches to health innovation in an international context, such as Odense University Hospital and MedCom. EHTEL represents a suitable, important network that supports these efforts. We’ve seen how its members have benefitted from valuable collaborations and projects that contribute to enhancing and developing their efforts in health IT and innovation. We look forward to gaining access to a large and diverse network of collaboration partners and to a world of knowledge in the field that would otherwise not be reachable for us. Already, EHTEgood contact point to the European Commission (EC) for us. This linkage will offer us the possibility to learn about the EC’s interests and directions, and to have our perspectives presented to its policy-makers. We are keen to pave the way for new collaboration and innovation projects in Europe in the (digital) mental health domain.”


Janne Rasmussen,
Chief Consultant – MedCom, Denmark


“While Denmark is at a very mature stage in terms of the digitisation of health and public services, we still strive to improve our health and social services and explore the possibilities offered by new technologies. For inspiration, we look to other parts of Europe. Through EHTEL, we have access to a dedicated network of organisations and people who can all teach us something and help us to further develop our services. The strength of EHTEL lies in its capacity to bring organisations together whether small or large, private or public. For MedCom, it has been very beneficial to be a member of EHTEL over the years. It has provided us with access to a large network of eHealth actors from all of Europe, important European policy insights, and the direct exchange of knowledge and practice through the ELO network.”


Sean Lybrand,
Executive Director, International Health Systems - Amgen


“Having participated in the 2020 Thought Leader Symposium, I was attracted to the like-minded presenters and participants, and found a natural home for the crossover of health policy impact and digital health. The "Imagining 2029" vision is where I see Amgen being both a contributor and a beneficiary of the content and interactions, but it also very much fits a longer-term strategic time horizon on planning for how Governments should be thinking in terms of policy change. It also provides a reasonable timeline for EHTEL collaborators to help co-create that future.”

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