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Is EHTEL for me

Listen to EHTEL members telling us why they have chosen EHTEL and what are the main benefits they gain:


In a nutshell:


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🎓 Knowledge-sharing on digitally-based innovative services. 

🤝 Opportunities to network, match-make and develop partnerships with our community of 5,000 digital health and care experts and innovators, in Europe and beyond.

🌟 Showcasing of their work to other organisations, by being in the Spotlight.

Other benefits include:


🏛️ Engagement with European institutions’ staff members on policy matters related to the digital transformation of the health and care domain.

💡Answers to your questions from digital health experts, in the form of support from the EHTEL Secretariat.

📝 Precious insights into European policy and the possibility to influence the decision-making process through contributing to joint papers and publications.

🌐 EHTELconnect, a set of services built on the expertise of EHTEL’s multi-stakeholder membership and tailored to your individual needs.


Who can benefit from EHTEL membership?


Have a look at our EHTEL Member page and see what types of stakeholders have joined us.

Explore in more detail EHTEL Members who are in the Spotlight. 

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 🌎 EHTEL Members: a network in Europe and beyond



🌟 Testimonials

Learn what our Members have to say about why they joined EHTEL and what their membership brings them.

Listen to MedCom Chief Consultant and manager of international activities, Janne Rasmussen, talk about the value of EHTEL for MedCom Denmark: