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Personalised Knowledge Transfer and Access to Tailored Evidence-Based Assets on Integrated Care


Project description

SCIROCCO Exchange follows on directly from the work of the SCIROCCO project.
Now, the SCIROCCO Exchange project has started to work – in what is called a hub – to maximise the value and impact of the SCIROCCO model and tool. The hub will ease the process of “matching” the needs of European regions to evidence on integrated care of good practices, tools, and guidelines. It will considerably facilitate learning about and exchanging good practices. Existing knowledge will be made readily available to potential adopters of integrated care.
Core to these activities is the process of twinning and coaching. The project therefore explores the readiness of local environments to adopt integrated care, using the SCIROCCO online self-assessment tool. Using the tool will help them to understand their local needs and the grounds for transitioning to integrated health and care. As a result, a tailored capacity-building approach – together with personalised assistance to national and regional health and social care authorities – will be built. The project partners will capture the learnings about knowledge transfer to inform improvement planning for integrated care.
SCIROCCOExchange is also a real opportunity to explore the expansion of the SCIROCCO Maturity Model and its online self-assessment tool for integrated care to other areas of active and healthy ageing.

EHTEL's role

Organisationally, EHTEL is ensuring the expansion of the SCIROCCO tool, and is also supporting activities around the creation of a knowledge management hub, evaluation of the adoption of scaling-up of integrated care, and how countries and regions apply their improvement plans for integrated care.
Dissemination and communication about SCIROCCOExchange is also where EHTEL is involved in this project. Looking ahead, EHTEL will also be intensively involved in the project’s final conference that will take place in mid-2022. Because of EHTEL’s commitment to the underpinning SCIROCCO model and tool, the association will help to organise regular Webinars on how to apply the tool.
EHTEL will encourage as many opportunities as possible for the association’s members to get involved in twinning and coaching around integrated care in Europe.
Dissemination and communication about SCIROCCOExchange are also where EHTEL is involved in this project. SCIROCCO Exchange produces a regular newsletter. Click here to open the second issue, covering the period November – December 2019. See the many news and events that SCIROCCO Exchange has focused on in 2021.

Project deliverables


Scirocco Exchange Final report


   D2.5 Layman Version of the Final Report






SCIROCCO Exchange Maturity Model v1.0 13.06.2019


SCIROCCO Exchange Maturity Model for Integrated Care







EU222This project is co-funded by the Health Programme of the 
European Union under Grant Agreement No. 826676 (Chafea)


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Participating Members


  • SCIROCCOExchange newsletter 12 November 2019 PDF*

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