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Digital Therapeutics and Care at Home

Innovation Initiative webinar - 3 June 2020


On the 3rd June 2020, EHTEL launched the webinar Digital Therapeutics and Care at Home. It was part of the Imagining 2029 work programme, a programme building on a series of webinars and workshops – hosted by its working groups – focused on accelerating digital transformation while acknowledging the opportunities and challenges raised by the current COVID-19 crisis. This webinar belongs to the Innovation Initiative agenda for 2020: Exploring Digital Therapeutics, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Coaches.


The webinar in a nutshell

This second “Imagining 2029” webinar was supported by the EHTEL Innovation Initiative and two European projects, NWE-Chance and vCare. It introduced the journey that is helping patients to move from care in the hospital to care in the community, and especially care at home. 

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No time to watch the webinar now? Explore the outcomes

Opening the conversation, Joan Guanyabens talked about how TicSalutSocial and Catalunya are deploying Artificial Intelligence for use in the health and care sector. He highlighted what are the main technological and human needs as well as the current difficulties.

Subsequently, Ed de Kluiver informed us about the Isala Health Center experience with home hospitalisation. In the Zwolle region in the Netherlands, more than 1,000 home-admitted patients are much more highly satisfied than with hospital admission. Any medical hazards are also vastly reduced. Ed then presented the NWE-Chance project, its development, and its testing of an integrated home hospitalisation ICT platform prototype.

Research physiotherapist, Riccardo Re, showcased a neuro-rehabilitation example of digital therapeutics from the Casa di Cura del Policlinico in Milan, Italy. Focusing on work in the vCare project, Massimo Caprino, then talked about the vCare customised clinical pathway when carrying out home rehabilitation. Key points included: adherence to the care plan and patient empowerment.

In the closing talk, John Crawford explained how digital therapeutics can help drive health improvements effectively. He showed us a variety of digital therapies, ranging from tackling back pain to cognitive and behavioural disorders. He explained how the US Food and Drug Administration is starting to recognise digital therapeutics technologies. Internationally, however, we are just at the beginning of the journey towards their greater use.

Several of the speakers covered the challenges of the current COVID-19 situation in the fields of artificial intelligence and digital therapeutics. They emphasised the need to fast-track. They can already see how Europe is speeding uin terms of digital solutions for use in health and care.

The factsheet

As a final outcome, EHTEL has developed a factsheet focusing on how hospitals at home can benefit from digital therapeutics.

- Download the factsheet (pdf)

- Read the news on the factsheet launch


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- Download all the speakers' PDF presentations in the "Resources" section below⤵️


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  • EHTEL Factsheet: How hospitals at home can benefit from digital therapeutics 22 June 2020 EHTEL PDF*
  • Digital therapeutics and care at home - Introduction 3 June 2020 EHTEL PDF*
  • The example of NWE-Chance 3 June 2020 Ed de Kluiver, Astrid van der Velde PDF*
  • An example in the neuro rehabilitation domain 3 June 2020 Massimo Caprino, Riccardo Re PDF*
  • What does Digital Therapeutics have to offer & how will AI help? 3 June 2020 John Crawford (CrawfordWorks Ltd) PDF*
  • Discussion and next steps 3 June 2020 EHTEL PDF*


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