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2020 Work Programme

2020 showed how technologies are influencing the way health and care are organised. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic brought new needs forward and accelerated the adoption of digital care models.
Together with EHTEL members and friends, in 2020 the association:
  • Built a new work programme that will continue for the first years of this decade
  • Ensured that the programme was a mix of webinars and physical meetings
  • Brought together core topics through EHTEL’s already-existing three working groups and task forces, and used these initiatives as a basis for the work programme
  • Collaborated with a number of European initiatives/projects to hold the webinars in a variety of locations around Europe
  • Produced a series of six factsheets 
  • Brought together all of EHTEL’s 2020 accomplishments at its end-of-year annual Symposium.

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2020 Work programme