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Trends in local markets track

Trends webinars

EHTEL has launched a new series of webinars in 2023. It focuses on what's trending today and what are the hot topics for EHTEL's own members. 

These are webinars tailored to the needs of EHTEL members and prospective members. They are geared towards offering local insights into local markets and local trends in EHTEL members’ countries and regions. They are intended to attract match-making - between health care authorities and health and care providers - and to bring together the demand side and supply side of the market.

The track builds on previous editions of Imagining 2029, especially the work of Digital transformation in 2022. Transformation focused on knowledge sharing among EHTEL members. It looked at cross-border integrated medication records, the exchange and sharing of health data standards, and the governance of health data. It examined health and care organisations today, and how they can transform themselves in the future

This new "Trends in local markets" track started to run in autumn 2023. The first two webinars were from EHTEL members in Scotland and Denmark.  
All emerging presentations and video recordings were first shared with EHTEL members and special invitees. Later in 2024, they have been shared with the whole EHTEL community.
Watch them below: