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2022 Transformation track: Integrated and collaborative management of medicines

This workshop was developed in close collaboration with UNICOM.

ePrescription has often been one of the very first eHealth services implemented by Member States, although the degree of implementation in Europe is still very diverse. Some countries now have many years of experience with ePrescribing, while others are only starting to consider its development.


Today’s push towards integrated management records is intensified by a more patient-oriented approach and increased digital maturity in European countries.

On 28 March 2022, EHTEL organised an ‘Imagining 2029’ Transformation track webinar that focused on three national casesScotland, Belgium and Denmark – are countries that are at very different stages on this paperless journey. All three countries share the same prerequisite that their work is based on a nationally unified, strategic decision and involves all national stakeholders. Yet they have made very different choices.

The three country presentations were followed by a discussion, moderated by Janne Rasmussen, MedCom, in which parallels and differences between the three countries were further explored.


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