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Building the data-driven hospital and facing the challenges: from EHRs to data ecosystems


Health Data Spaces and Ecosystems Virtual Workshop - 17 June 2021

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On 17th of June 2021, EHTEL organised a virtual workshop entitled “Building the data-driven hospital and facing the challenges: from EHRs to data ecosystems workshop”.

The workshop focused on how data-intensive healthcare organisations are developing information systems strategies to capture data from different sources and exploit data massively for improving healthcare and research.

The workshop was part of EHTEL’s Imagining 2029 work programme held in 2021. This programme builds on a series of webinars and workshops – hosted by EHTEL’s working groups.



The virtual workshop in a nutshell

This virtual workshop showcased different health information systems and data strategies implemented in two European hospitals (CHU Liège in Belgium and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu in Barcelona in Spain). The systems support day-to-day operations, improve integrated care, and boost research and innovation. The session reflected on three key data-driven issues: the hospitals’ journeys to develop their existing information systems; the organisational, technical and human challenges encountered by these organisations; and how they plan to open their systems to new sources of data and knowledge. The workshop video is already available.

👀Watch the video recording below or on Youtube.

No time to watch the webinar now? Explore the outcomes

The webinar was opened by Luc Nicolas, who outlined the connections with EHTEL’s earlier 2021 health data spaces and ecosystems workshop dedicated to mHealth data integration

First, Philippe Kolh (CHU Liège, Belgium) spoke. Philippe focused on the technical challenges the Liège hospital is facing to incorporate new sources of data. He presented the practical considerations implicit in implementing big data in health care practice. He explained two main points: how CHU Liège has developed an electronic health record to achieve HIMSS EMRAM stage 6, and how the hospital organises data collection and analysis to improve services for patients, clinicians, and managers. He underscored the importance of participating in European funded projects (such as HOSMARTAI or InteropEHRarte) that will help to move forward the hospital innovation agenda.

Second, the floor was given to Arnau Valls (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, Catalonia, Spain). Arnau introduced the Liquid Hospital project and recent developments and prospects to become a digital hospital (a data-driven healthcare organisation that goes beyond the hospital walls). He emphasised the hospital’s internal strategies to overcome the barriers to health data sharing through in-house developments like a data lake and a command centre. New services, like home monitoring and clinical decisions support systems based on artificial intelligence (such as IACCELERATE), are built on an existing data infrastructure.

The EHTEL session’s ‘front row’ hosted two guests, who come from important hospitals and medical foundations: Prof. André Scherag (Jena University Hospital, Germany) and Stefano Dalmiani (Fondazione Toscana Gabriele Monasterio, Italy).

With the active participation of the audience, the discussion revolved around three key issues: the access to quality data, the fight in searching for talent in data science, and the data governance mechanisms needed to ensure data privacy and security.

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  • Practical considerations in implementing Big Data in Health Care practice 20 June 2021 Philippe Kolh, MD, phD PDF*
  • SJD Children’s Hospital Digital and Data Strategy Towards a DDO 20 June 2021 Arnau Valls PDF*
  • Building the data-driven hospital and facing the challenges: from EHRs to data ecosystems workshop presentation 20 June 2021 EHTEL PDF*

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