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Session 9 - Summing up the red line

One of the Symposium’s two co-moderators, John Crawford of Crawfordworks (Scotland), summarised the main messages that had emerged over the two afternoons of the event. John acknowledged his own, and EHTEL’s, optimism about the direction of travel, given the generous “food for thought” offered during the many complementary Symposium sessions. Shifting from a concentration on citizen-centricity had enabled the EHTEL community to investigate concrete, practical and focused approaches to implementation at scale of many different innovative technologies throughout Europe and beyond. Among the practicalities reinforced during the Symposium were the need for risk assessment and risk management; approval of regulations; a focus on what is easily actionable in real life; and, in particular, the use of AI as a general-purpose technology container for future innovations. At the heart of responding to the challenges now and in the future are people and patients and their data. As Lloyd Humphreys of ORCHA (England) had enthused earlier in the Symposium, “Now is the time to act.

It’s a wrap!

The second afternoon of the Symposium ended with thanks offered to all the contributors, supporters, speakers, attendees, and the EHTEL team. Several of the initiatives first introduced and discussed during this 2021 Symposium were identified as potential topics that could be further explored by future EHTEL webinars. Indeed, watch this space to find out more about EHTEL’s plans for its 2022 work programme.











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