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Session 4: Deploying digital health in the community

Session 4 final
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As digital health solutions gain momentum, their successful deployment in community settings becomes paramount. This session will focus on the transformative potential of digital health technologies when they are tailored to community-based healthcare delivery. By promoting remote monitoring, telemedicine, and health literacy initiatives, digital health empowers communities with enhanced access to care and personalised interventions.


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► Session introduction

Andrea Pavlickova, NHS National Services Scotland

► Deploying digital health in Flanders: the path to health and care integration

Tom de Boeck, Vlaamse Overheid, Belgium

Connecting medical care with welfare and social care by the introduction of goal-oriented care is a priority for the Flemish government. This session will present digital health initiatives designed and developed to reinforce intersectoral collaboration and increase the participation of people in their care, as well as the role of Care Boards in their implementation.

► Implementing community digital health solutions in North Macedonia: from My Booking to My Health

Dalibor Frtunik, CEO, Sorsix, North Macedonia

Digital health implementation at scale in North Macedonia has followed community needs and health priorities. It started in 2013 with the development of Moj Termin (My Booking) designed to optimise the capacity of available specialised healthcare resources. This was followed by the deployment of a functional electronic health record for primary and secondary care. During the COVID pandemic, existing infrastructure helped to cope with new demands and telehealth services were swiftly deployed. Currently, the country is deploying Moe Zdravje (My Health) to empower patients through access to personal health data and active personal health care.

► Advancing home-based integrated care for older adults with multimorbidity: evaluating the societal impact

Jessica Ferreira Morais, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

Evaluating the societal impact of digital health can accelerate the adoption process. A community digital health platform for self-care and chronic disease management was developed in the context of the ProACT and SEURO projects. The platform includes advanced home-based integrated care for older adults with multimorbidity, including associate co-morbidities. This session describes how the platform is being evaluated from a socioeconomic impact perspective and how this informs potential decision-makers to ease uptake

► Moderated debate with speakers



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