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Session 6B: A flexible and reliable circle of trust between organisations: best practice implementations

Session 6B final
With the support of UNICOM.

To support continuity of care and innovative clinical practice, implementations such as AI require large amounts of harmonised data. Healthcare organisations also need increasingly to establish structural collaboration with other clinical actors/entities. What are the main success criteria for the creation of trusted data federation networks? This session will provide in-depth insights into the most successful European implementations. 



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► Session introduction

► A German Health Data Space in the making

Julien Adelberger and Olga Galanets, IDSA

The International Data Spaces Association (IDSA) is an active promoter and facilitator of Data Spaces in Europe in different strategic sectors. This presentation will highlight the importance of emerging data spaces and will also explain IDSA's vision of how to deal with the interoperability within and between data spaces. The presentation will provide insights on the Health-X project in Germany: this project creates a legitimised, open, and federated dataLOFT platform, made accessible in compliance with Gaia-X standards and based on citizens' decisions.

► Towards a trusted federated network to support Population Health in Europe

Frederic Coppens, ELIXIR, Belgium

ELIXIR is an intergovernmental organisation that brings together life science resources from across Europe. These resources include databases, software tools, training materials, cloud storage and supercomputers. The goal of ELIXIR is to coordinate these resources so that they form a single infrastructure. This infrastructure makes it easier for scientists to find and share data, exchange expertise, and agree on best practices. Ultimately, it will help them gain new insights into how living organism's work. The presentation will highlight what has been achieved to date and the key burning questions to be answered to make significant progress.

► Moderated debate with speakers



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