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A happy new e-year

EHTEL wishes 2020

We will hardly be sorry to say goodbye to 2020. Looking back, we have seen a turbulent year of unexpected challenges but also great opportunities. 

The pandemic forced governments and institutions to speed up digital transformation. Indeed, in EHTEL, we stayed ahead by organising a rich series of webinars under our #Imagining2029 programme and a successful, fully remote, 2020 Symposium.

We now look forward with hope to 2021, a year when digital technologies will have the potential to protect citizens from currently ongoing and future health threats and improve their quality of life. 

We anticipate working with our EHTEL Members and Friends on some of the most relevant and pressing topics including:

  • Expanding the “Imagining 2029” work programme.
  • Working on key activities like European data spaces, data ecosystems, and digital encounters.
  • Extending technical assistance to European Member States.
  • Spotting opportunities in Horizon Europe and Digital Europe.
  • Holding a 2021 EHTEL Symposium.

Before saying goodbye to 2020, let’s take a final look back at what we did and what you might have missed.

Some numbers to highlight – we:

  • Welcomed the registration of 200 participants to our Imagining2029 webinars and almost 300 from nearly 40 countries to our 2020 Symposium
  • Were involved in ten projects that have acted as springboards for the activities of EHTEL members.
  • Ran three working groups and task forces.
  • Gained nine new members, and have 55 members in total.

Keep on following us on our website and social media to stay updated with regards to all the many fruitful opportunities that lie ahead.

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