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About us

EHTEL is the one multi-stakeholder organisation within Europe that brings together organisations and individuals engaged in all aspects of eHealth. Its unique structure enables the exchange of ideas and information leading to innovation and improvement in the delivery of eHealth solutions and the transformation of health and social care. It does not lobby on behalf of particular groups but rather facilitates interaction between all of them

EHTEL: Collaborating for digital health and care in Europe

Founded in 1999, EHTEL (the European Health Telematics Association) is a pan European multi-stakeholder forum providing a leadership and networking platform for European corporate, institutional and individual actors dedicated to the betterment of healthcare delivery through eHealth.

The European eHealth Multidisciplinary Stakeholder Platform

EHTEL serves and convenes a growing membership of more than 50 organisations that come from various viewpoints but united in their interest to make eHealth work. By collecting and distilling their voices through work groups and publications, EHTEL amplifies the constituency for eHealth in the European arena. We also facilitate the sharing of experience with colleagues and representatives across Europe and beyond.

At EHTEL, we take an holistic view of eHealth. We collaborate closely with European Associations representing Hospitals (HOPE and EHMA), Health Insurers (AIM), Physicians (CPME, UEMS), Pharmacists (PGEU, EAHP), Nurses (EFN), patient and citizens (AGE, European Patients’ Forum), as well as with professional associations dedicated to the quality and certification of care processes and eHealth services (ESQH, EuroRec).

The multitude of backgrounds and interests of these stakeholders enable EHTEL, as a neutral forum, to draw a more complete picture of the benefits and challenges of the deployment of ICT in the fields of health and social care, thereby also identifying topics requiring particular attention and further developments at European level.

EHTEL services our membership with educational and networking opportunities including:

  • Conferences and seminars on Interoperability, Sustainable Telemedicine, Chronic Disease Management, Patient Empowerment, Infrastructure, ePrescribing, and User Acceptance.
  • Stakeholder groups - the Ministries of Health Group, the Group of Competence Centres and the one representing Patients, Citizens and Consumers.
  • Task Forces on Interoperability of infrastructure and services, Telemedicine and Chronic Disease Management, Patient Safety and eMedication, Clinical Process Management, Innovation and Society.

As the eHealth focal point in Europe, EHTEL supports all organisations and individuals interested in accessing eHealth information in Europe.

EHTEL in the EC Transparency register, including financial information:

EHTEL Board Members 2016 - 2018

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Simona Abbro - EHTEL President

UPMC - Italy

Simona Abbro, born in Switzerland, is an Italian citizen with extensive experience in the Healthcare Industry. Simona Abbro is the Senior Director of Marketing Communications and PR, UPMC Italy. Stationed at UPMC's Rome office, she is responsible for planning, coordinating, and implementing internal/external communication strategies throughout the European Union and other international regions. Ms. Abbro also oversees the marketing communications efforts in the local countries where UPMC operates. Ms. Abbro has more 20 years' experience in marketing communications, corporate communications and media relations developed in large national and international companies, both public and private, including Ferruzzi Group, Lottomatica/IGT, San Giovanni Rome Hospital.


Siri Bjorvig - EHTEL Treasurer

Norwegian Centre for E-health Research - NSE, Norway

Siri Bjørvig works as Department Manager for  Personal E-health at the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research - NSE - based in the University Hospital North Norway at Tromsø. NSE has strong interdisciplinary expertise, and aims to shape the health care of the future. Ms. Bjørvig has worked before at the predecessor organisation of NSE, the Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST) since 1998. NST has been the world's largest centre for research and development in telemedicine and e-health.
Her experience within telemedicine, eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) is based on broad experiences. Facilitating processes for financing, accomplishing and managing several research and development projects on national and international level has been main responsibilities. Finding innovative approaches to healthcare provision by the use of ICT and implementing these.
Ms Bjorvig has also been a member of several national committees and expert groups forming national policy, especially within the personal health care/AAL area. She has an academic background in Economics.

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