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EHTEL 2018 Symposium "Empowered Partners in Health through user-driven digitisation"

3-5 December 2018 in Brussels: the European Digital Health community meets at the 9th annual EHTEL Symposium. Conversations will be anchored on the well-being of European societies. The symposium will provide insight and dialogue on how user-driven digitisation is delivering benefits to empower all stakeholders in health.

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Symposium schedule spans multiple venues - locations and their URLs:

Venue of the EHTEL Annual General Member Meeting (Part 1 and Part 2):

Participants will explore how user-driven digitisation - enabled by all those working to innovate in technologies and services - is delivering benefits to empower:

  • Consumers and Patients: With smart tools enabling health promotion and prevention and linking to information - including health records - and resources in health and social care;
  • Health care managers and providers: For next-generation care planning, integrating individual patient data and big data using a population health approach;
  • The Health Workforce: So that their jobs gain from carefully designed and adjusted digital tools, and they are trained to use their digital skills to create meaningful documentation and workflows.

By doing this, the symposium will cover the three priority pillars set out by the European Commission in its recent Communication - patient access, personalised medicine, and digital interaction.

Finally, in a forward-looking mode, the symposium will debate how artificial intelligence and machine learning systems could contribute to these policies.

Schedule and Session Overview

Monday - Tuesday, 3-4 December: Symposium Plenaries & Debates

  • Setting the Scene: Citizens/Patients and Health Policy Views
  • From Lightweight Wellness Apps to Managing Serious Conditions
  • Creating Value from Well-Being Data: Enabling Care Innovations
  • EU-Vision for Better Medicine and Health Gains with Digitisation
  • Data and Well-Being in Practice: Co-Creating for Patients' Benefit
  • Making Digital Healthcare Meaningful: Role of Health Work Force
  • Innovation Initiative: Living Labs for Digitisation in Healthcare
  • Leveraging Synergies of Machine Learning and Digitisation
    Panel: AI as a Game Changer: Patients, Professionals and Provider View

Wednesday, 5 December: Symposium Matchmaking Event

  • Personas: Modelling User Needs for Digital Services
  • Deploying Digital Services: Field Experience and Actual Impact
  • Interactive Session: Matchmaking around Conditions for Successful Deployment

View/Download Symposium Agenda [PDF] - Online registration still open at

Registration Fees

EHTEL Members and Associates (members of EIPonAHA and RSCN)

  • Participation fee for 3-4 December: 275€*
  • 2 participants (per institution) or more: discounted to 235€* (each)
  • + Option: participation to the matchmaking event of 5 December: 50€*
  • If participation only to the matchmaking event: 125€*

Friends of EHTEL (all other attendees)

  • Early birds (until 9 November, passed): 325€*
  • Participation fee for 3-4 December (from 9st November): 375€*

Speakers, EU Institution, Press: Free Participation (3-4 December)

Applies for All: Fee for Networking Dinner of 3 December: 75€*

*All prices are VAT excluded.


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