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Working groups and task forces

Participating in the knowledge- sharing activities of Working Groups and Task Forces is an example of services EHTEL offers to its Members. 
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Interested, but want to experiment with attending a working group/task force first? Please liaise with our contact person Marc Lange to get an invitation to attend: marc.lange@ehtel.eu

All activities organised by EHTEL around its working groups and task forces allow the members to come together to collaborate on specific topics that are highly relevant on the digital health agenda. All members exchange experiences, lessons learned, case-studies, and good practices with the most advanced stakeholders in the field of digital health.
EHTEL working groups and task forces' members meet in person, normally twice a year, and through tele-conferences. The working groups and task forces' meetings are often combined with a short study visit organised by EHTEL, by EHTEL, which enable members to benefit from the best learning and collaborating experiences.

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