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EU-Funded Projects

EHTEL actively supports and contributes to strategic EU-funded or co-funded projects relevant to the deployment of eHealth services in health and social care.


Over the last 15 years, the association has engaged in 25+ EU-funded projects, all related to the deployment of eHealth.

EHTEL supports projects by connecting them to stakeholders external to the consortium—such as the vast network of EHTEL's doers and shapers.

The association ensures that there is an effective and solid exchange of information by:

  • Creating project visibility and informing stakeholders on vision, lessons learned, and outcomes;
  • Engaging relevant stakeholders in interacting with the project (EHTEL Working Groups and Task Forces, standardisation organisations, professional associations…)
  • Making the most of the expertise of EHTEL members (such as professional, technical, scientific, business) by getting them involved in European projects;

EHTEL also creates communication, dissemination, and engagement materials, producing regular news coverage and organising conferences, workshops and webinars

This commitment keeps EHTEL’s finger on the pulse of eHealth and digital health development, in turn providing significant insight to EHTEL’s Members and the eHealth and digital health and care communities.

EU Funded projects: topics of interest 

The objective of projects is to innovate, develop new knowledge, gain new experience, or make new knowledge more accessible. EHTEL specifically focuses on two important topics:

  • Digital transformation: EHTEL actively contributes to projects supporting digital solutions to better fit patients’ specific needs. It’s essential to minimise the gap between the potential offered by digital technologies and their effective implementation in daily patient care.
  • Interoperability: EHTEL is interested in projects improving interoperability to facilitate the exchange of data among healthcare operators. In a world where – in all patient-carer interactions – a large amount of data is collected, good and effective management of this data is essential for the future of healthcare.
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A wider perspective: European Commission research and innovation in digital solutions for health, wellbeing, and ageing

EHTEL’s work is aligned to the European Commission effort of mobilising European excellence to improve health, wellbeing, and ageing with the help of information and communication technology. A recent report offers an overview of the most current European funded projects in this field.

Click here to directly download the report as a PDF document.

Further resources 

For more detailed information on each EU-funded project, such as funding scheme, dates and objectives, you can visit the Cordis website

Furthermore, you can subscribe to the newsletter eHealth, Wellbeing & Ageing.