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The SCIROCCO Exchange project aims to support health and social care authorities in the adoption and scaling-up of integrated care. The ambition of the project is to maximise the value and impact of the SCIROCCO tool for regions and organisations involved in the deployment of integrated care.

To achieve this objective, the SCIROCCO Exchange Knowledge Transfer Programme has been set up to facilitate the exchange of experience, good practices and lessons learned in order to speed up the adoption of integrated care in European regions and countries.

In the frame of this programme a series of workshops is being organised.

Scotland leads off with examples in a first workshop.

The key objectives of a 14 April 2021 Transforming local systems - “Participation and co-creation with citizens” workshops are to:

- identify key learnings – successful approaches and common challenges in empowering citizens to actively participate and co-create the delivery of health and social care services’

- explore specific topics for in-depth further knowledge exchange

- build long-term strategic partnerships to enhance learning and mutual exchange

The main topics to be tackled during the workshop are:

  • What is the Scottish approach to service re-design?
      • What is the Pathfinder Programme? What are the main outcomes of the Programme?
      • What is the experience of healthcare professionals and citizens with the Programme?
      • Is there any strategic/policy framework/model supporting the service re-design with an active role and participation of citizens?

    • What role the users/citizens should play in the transformation of healthcare services? Do users participate in the preparation and development of strategy/decision-making processes for the system’s transformation?

    • What other stakeholders need to be engaged in this process? How to communicate this new way of working to local stakeholders?
      • How to successfully create opportunities for citizens to increase their participation in planning and implementation of health and social care services?

    • How to achieve personalised care delivery in the community?

    • How to develop clinical pathways from the individual/citizen’s point of view?

  • How to successfully shift the care delivery to upstream local delivery focused on prevention and self-management?
    • What is required in terms of the training of healthcare professionals and citizens to co-create clinical pathways?


Save the date: 13 April 2021

Practical information

Date : 13/04/2021 Location : Online Time: 14:00 > 16:00

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