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In the context of the project Digital Health Europe and its task on Funding support services for person centred care, Reference Sites Collaborative Network (RSCN) will use its experience to organise an event for its network: health and care professionals, policy makers, industry, and researchers in contributing to the webinar.

Webinar Objective:

To increase awareness about the relevance of funding opportunities to the different stakeholders, in terms of capacity building in innovation and development of partnerships.

Target Audience: health and care policy makers and providers, researchers, and industry and civil society organisations.


RSCN will identify 2 Reference Site regions that have been historically successful in securing European funding for health and care projects

Two of these organisations/regions would be invited to be interviewed about their story on successful participation to EC opportunities.

Interactive Q&A discussion

Duration of Webinar: 1.5 hours


  • Welcome from the Interviewer Fernanda Freitas (Eixonortesul) – (5 Minutes)
  • Interview with 2 Reference Sites: (50 minutes)

Lorenzo Bertorello, Liguria Region (confirmed)

Sonja Hansen, Central Denmark Region (confirmed)

  • Q&A from the audience (20 min)
  • Closing remarks (5 minutes)

Practical information

Date : 30/06/2021 Time: 11:00 > 12:30

The registration link will soon follow.

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