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ESC Digital Summit 2019 is the first edition of a new event dedicated to experts in digital health


"Digital Health is disrupting the usual way the patients and healthcare professionals interact".
Prof. Martin Cowie, FESC, Digital Health Committee chair.

Digital Health is now the third largest industry in the European health sector, after pharmaceuticals and medical devices. But where do the experts stand on Digital Health today and what are the opportunities and the hurdles that lie ahead?

With this first Summit on Digital Health, the ESC is positioning itself at the forefront of this new domain in Cardiovascular Medicine. It aims to provide a structured scientific and educational programme, as well as a platform for exchange and interaction to support the development of Digital Health across the ESC and its constituent bodies.

Healthcare professionals, patients, policymakers, payers, and the public expect digital health innovation to support modern healthcare delivery, facilitate more personalised patient care, improve the quality and experience of healthcare and support future sustainability healthcare models.

A variety of stakeholders will contribute to this event: Clinicians, Key Opinion Leaders, new digital technology developers and start-ups, Industry partners from the Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices sectors.

A rich scientific programme covering the latest, cutting-edge technology will be the platform for interactive discussions on all things Digital Health via various formats such as roundtables, call for Technology Sessions, workshops, Industry Tech Talks and a dedicated Exhibition Area.

Outcomes of onsite discussions and debates will effectively work towards smooth implementation of Digital Health solutions in healthcare and ultimately contribute to our global mission to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease.

Key figures

  • 2 days of scientific exchange
  • 20+ sessions
  • 1,000: Number of participants limited
  • Special tracks: Round table sessions, Keynotes, Discussions and more
  • Industry-sponsored sessions

For more information visit the ESC Digital Summit 2019 website


Digital health, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, cardiovascular medicine, cardiology, big data, electronic health, treatment of cardiovascular diseases, AI, man vs machine, wearables, future of hospitals

Practical information

Date : 5 - 06/10/2019 Location : Tallinn, Estonia

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