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An older adult having a discussion with his doctor.
In the promotion of health, individual and community empowerment plays a crucial role. The same approach relates to digital health solutions, whose promise lies in the increased access to healthcare, also in rural and remote areas.

With a focus on both the individual and the community levels, we want to present practical tools developed in the EIP on AHA Reference Site Saxony, Germany, which aims to actively empower patients and communities. We will offer insights in how to empower patients in dealing with their diseases and how to empower communities to successfully implement and scale-up telemedicine.

Together with participants from various other Reference Sites, we will discuss these topics further and establish how a common approach to sharing knowledge can embrace the future of digital health solutions.


Text sourced by EIP ON AHA website

Practical information

Date : 22/10/2020 Location : Online workshop Time: 10:00 > 12:00


  • Technische Universität Dresden (TUD)
    Working Member

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