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Want to know how to use and reap the benefits of the Blueprint personas for e.g., healthcare innovation design?


It’s not easy designing and implementing healthcare innovation that takes into account end-users in all their dimensions. However, personas can help you out.

Find out more about what personas can do for you on Thursday 10th December 2020 at 10:00 CET.

A short 90-minute virtual, but still "hands-on" (interactive), workshop has been jointly organised by EHTEL and the EIP on AHA Blueprint team.

This workshop will help you and your organisation:

    • Identify the different groups of customers / users you can reach.
    • Learn how to use personas for user-centred design.
    • Assess whether the market is ready for your products and whether further awareness raising / education is required.
    • Assess the impact of solutions with customer involvement.
    • How the personas can be adapted for use cases.
    • How personas can be used in cost-benefit assessments.
    • Understand overall how personas can help to design and implement healthcare innovation.

The workshop draws on the experiences of several organisations, including small- and medium-sized enterprises, start-ups, and health and care authorities. It introduces the Blueprint personas and focuses on a set of positive experiences of their use. It also shows how to understand end-user needs and where to head in terms of next steps.

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 Jointly organised

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Practical information

Date : 10/12/2020 Location : Online Time: 10:00 > 11:30

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