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EHTEL starts a new series of member services for 2023 - webinars tailored to your needs as EHTEL members. The webinars are geared towards a focus on local markets and local trends in EHTEL members’ countries and regions.

Trends general

First up: Our first speakers are from Scotland, with a focus on innovation and innovation hubs: “Scotland’s orchestration of innovation: Enabling infrastructure”. 

Background: Scotland has got great expertise in improving and innovating in health and social care. It tackles all the key challenges at stake in service delivery. Among the approaches are co-design, co-development and co-delivery, and the provision of end-to-end support. It works with a very large community of teams and partnerships. Much of its work focuses on a test bed infrastructure – a platform for testing out approaches, tools, and technologies.

Speaker David Lowe 2


Nessa BarryInternational Engagement Manager, Digital Health & Care Scotland

Barbara Mills, Deputy Programme Director at CivTech, Scotland

Professor David Lowe, Clinical Director Scottish Health Innovation Partnership for the Scottish Government

Barbara Mills will talk about the role of CivTech, in Scotland, outlining: 
  • How CivTech uses Innovation Challenges and examples of some of the Challenges that public sector organisations ask CivTech to resolve.
  • Who can get involved in these challenges.
  • The various stages in CivTech's Innovation Flow process.
  • How CivTech uses this process to leverage economic development.


David Lowe’s presentation will offer an overview of the wider innovation landscape in Scotland and the infrastructure and architecture Scotland uses to innovate. He will share what has been done so far. He will go on to discuss some of the specific use cases to illustrate how innovations are being taken forward in Scotland. David will also discuss Scotland’s current and future calls for involvement, and particularly collaborating with international players.

Participants will find out all about: 

  • Today's healthcare situation in Scotland. 
  • The infrastructure and architecture Scotland uses to innovate. 
  • The opportunities for future collaboration with international players outside Scotland. 
  • How Scotland works with international partners to do both clinical and market validation of products and services, through a specific use case.


Discussion and dialogue: The chair of the webinar will open the floor to comments, questions and answers at several points in the presentation. Participants will be invited to seek for the collaboration opportunities potentially on offer that match with their own home country (or region).


Later in 2023

Watch out later in autumn 2023 for similar types of webinars from Denmark and Norway.

Practical information

Date : 07/09/2023 Time (CET): 11:00 > 12:00

This webinar is dedicated to EHTEL members or by invitation.

If you are not yet an EHTEL member but want to participate, please send an email to administration@ehtel.eu.

Or consider joining EHTEL.

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