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Trends in local markets Denmark

EHTEL has launched a new series of webinars in 2023. It focuses on what's trending today and what are the hot topics for EHTEL's own members. 

In 2023 the first webinar of this type focused on "Scotland’s orchestration of innovation: Enabling infrastructure"

On 23 November 2023 we will explore Denmark's own strategy for innovation.

Stakeholders offer input to Digital Health Uptake for a Digital Mental Health Executive Digest.


Denmark has since the early 1990s continuously digitalised the entire public sector, including the health sector. This has many benefits for citizens, patients, and healthcare professionals as the level of digitalisation and use of health IT is extensive and covers all sectors of the health system. Technology develops rapidly though. Now Denmark is on the threshold of fundamental changes that can have significance for the whole sector and market.

At the service level, the use of technology as a support tool and means of delivering care, treatment, rehabilitation and prevention, is advanced. One area in which the possibilities has been used and implemented with great success is mental health.

Denmark’s health IT market is mindful of its unique opportunities, local conditions, and potential future paradigm shifts.


Janne Rasmussen, Chief Consultant, MedCom

Claus Duedal Pedersen, Head of Unit, sundhed.dk

Thomas Lambertsen Binzer, Head of Development & Implementation, Center for Digital Psychiatry

Janne Rasmussen and Claus Duedal Pedersen will jointly set the scene and outline the key building blocks and conditions of the Danish health care sector. This concerns infrastructure, interoperability, standardisation, actors, and market conditions - particularly in respect of data exchange and access to health information for both health professionals and citizens.

As a practical case, Thomas Lambertsen Binzer offers a unique insight into their journey. Focusing on how they with an innovative and co-creative approach have enabled a solid alternative and supplement to traditional mental health services, while working closely with users, healthcare professionals and developers.

All three speakers will highlight what are the next challenges and projects


Participants will:

  • Get an overview of the Danish health IT landscape.
  • Understand the national conditions and opportunities – current and future.
  • Learn from our 30+ years’ experiences and what that has taught us.
  • Witness how innovation and technology have transformed mental health services.
  • Learn what are the next challenges and projects


Discussion and dialogue: The chair of the webinar will open the floor to comments, questions and answers at several points in the presentation. Participants will be invited to seek for the collaboration opportunities potentially on offer that match with their own home country (or region).


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Practical information

Date : 23/11/2023 Time (CET): 9:30 > 10:30

This webinar is dedicated to EHTEL members or by invitation.

If you are not yet an EHTEL member but want to participate, please send an email to administration@ehtel.eu.

Or consider joining EHTEL.


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