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Despite the many challenges produced by COVID-19 last year, EHTEL used the past 12 months constructively to make many organisational and technological changes.

Looking back at 2020’s successes

Among our key achievements, we:

  • Welcomed the registration of 200 participants to our Imagining2029 webinars and 300 from nearly 40 countries to our 2020 symposium
  • Were involved in ten projects that have acted as springboards for the activities of EHTEL members
  • Ran three working groups and task forces
  • Gained nine new members, and now have 55 members in total


Now we are very involved in planning 2021

The imperatives of European directions on digital governance, and day-to-day experiences on building resilience through the COVID-19 pandemic experience will enable us to come up with new plans and activities. 

Our current work programme includes two priority topics:

  • The European Health Data Space
    Health data eco-systems and architecture and interoperability)
  • Making digital encounters part of usual care

But there is more to come!

- Throughout the year, we plan to support our EHTEL members by:

  • Operating services in your support
  • Facilitating your knowledge-sharing through our working groups and task forces
  • Contributing to and creating new knowledge through projects and initiatives
  • Networking and facilitating collaborations.

We can offer you plenty of webinars, factsheets, newsletters, opportunities to join in both EHTEL-organised activities and other external events and, of course, opportunities to network with our community of 4,000 including members.


- Innovation remains crucial to the way we operate

We plan to align our activities along these three key lines:

  • ICT innovation
  • Process innovation
  • Policy support

This commitment encompasses a number of important projects – and more – in which we’re involved:


If your organisation is not yet a member of EHTEL, join us!

We are very open to working with new members who can add to our activities and involvements, sharing your knowledge and connections with other members of the digital health data ecosystem.

To know more, please contact promptly our Secretary General, Marc Lange (marc.lange@ehtel.eu).

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