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Tallin University of Technology (TalTech) recently joined EHTEL as a member. Their eMedLab sent exciting news about this international master’s programme.

eMedLab´s Digital Health MSc is a one-of-a-kind international master´s programme. It provides students with first-hand knowledge on health systems, managing change, and digitalising healthcare direct from industry and public sector partners. The interdisciplinary study programme is carried out by local and international experts.

Complementary events and activities give students real-life experience in digital health. During their two years of study, students come up with their own digital health solution. They get to experience what it takes to develop their solution further into an actual product or service, test it in a simulation lab, participate in meet-ups and conferences with industry representatives, and express their innovative ideas in the format of a scientific article or research paper.

These are the all-round skills needed in future in healthcare by European change managers.

For more info on the eMedLab masters’ programme for change managers, watch the video or read more details.

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