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The Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre (DHI) is Scotland's National Innovation Centre, which delivers digital health and care for the citizens of Scotland. Many Scottish citizens reap the benefit.


The centre works by bringing together lots of different stakeholders, including citizens, to deliver Scotland’s next-generation digital tools and services. The work aims at getting Scottish products and services onto the international market.

The centre’s portfolio is demand-led, and covers all the major long term health conditions and care needs. Co-design is key, and design innovation is at the core of DHI’s innovation process model.

Got just four minutes to learn more? As a sub-titled DHI video says about the centre:

We share all our learning and all the knowledge that we have widely. We have very strong international networks.”


What the DHI Exchange does

One of DHI’s four main pillars is its DHI Exchange, a data sharing simulation and demonstration environment. The Exchange’s focus on simulated data ensures more person-centred, integrated, and co-managed services that are better with citizens.

Together with its national and international partners, the centre and its Exchange create real opportunities for shared learning and collaborative working.


The centre’s Chief Technology Officer, Chaloner Chute, describes the centre’s innovation method – covering design, simulation, demonstration, and sandboxes – in more detail in a blog.

The Exchange has faced the difficulties of COVID-19 head-on. Through these difficult times, it has kept a number of its simulation activities going, chiefly around such important challenges as cancer, weight management, and digital identity.

The DHI’s doors are soon open to demos and visits.

Want to know more about Scotland’s latest innovations in health and care? Visit this site.



Next events


On 31 January 2022, DHI Exchange is contributing to the "Scotland Digital Health and Wellness Day" at Expo 2020.




DHI’s proven track record of success includes its SCOTCAP initiative, which benefits hundreds of Scottish citizens every week. Learn more about Scotland’s ingestible sensor.




SCOTCAP’s collaboration with Denmark’s Odense University Hospital.


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