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The InteropEHRate partners produced a third White Paper which addresses challenges related to European health data exchange across institutions, regions, and countries. It also draws its arguments from a series of meetings held with experts in semantics and other fields.


The paper targets a mixed readership that includes technologists and healthcare practitioners. It is oriented towards hospital chief information officers (CIOs) and data managers, decision-makers and application developers from the healthcare information technology (IT) industry, and clinicians and medical directors concerned about the reuse of health data produced in clinical settings.

The paper provides:

  • an overview of the problems of data heterogeneity and interoperability, which are especially complex due to the breadth and the ever-evolving spread of the health data domain
  • a solution based on an in-depth and exhaustive analysis of data, made possible through innovative semi-automated methodologies and tools developed in the framework of the InteropEHRate project.
  • a demonstration of how these tools and methods were applied in complex clinical and research scenarios requiring cross-border data interoperability.
  • an outline of the conditions needed in order to be able to exploit health data.


Download the White Paper below to learn the conclusions reached ⤵️

Learn more about the InteropEHRate project.


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  • [Whitepaper] Towards Interoperable Health Data: the Contribution of the InteropEHRate Project 20 May 2022 PDF*

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