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Heart failure is a growing epidemic: in the European Union about 15 million people are now living with heart failure. Between 1-2% of total healthcare expenditure is associated with this condition, of which a half is due to hospitalisation. Digital health and hospitalisation@home are widely recognised as among the most promising solutions to this societal challenge.

Do you want to ride the wave of innovation and make an impact in this field? The NWE-Chance "Digital Innovation Hub" is looking for interested organisations to join its one-of-a-kind platform!

The Digital Innovation Hub is a platform that brings together the learnings and key assets of the NWE-Chance project. While the project recently came to an end, the goal of the Hub is to make progress in attracting stakeholders  interested in hospitalisation@home.  Its main objective is to develop collaborative opportunities internationally for industry, hospitals, and academics to dynamically share ideas and advance the digital innovation shift taking place in the community.

The Innovation Hub has several core functionalities. It will:

  • enable collaborators to securely access information, analytics, and insights into hospitalisation@home.
  • offer facilities to exchange ideas and form partnerships with other leading hospitals and small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • curate an index of innovation labs that gathers in one place the best of innovation carried out in the field(s) of heart failure and other medical conditions, like COPD and diabetes.


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The Hub aims to draw together best practices in hospitalisation@home, provide upskilling, matchmaking and networking opportunities to promote a pipeline of innovations for the sector, and drive forward the global market opportunity.

The initiative's long-term ambition is to build a cluster of innovation labs and to transfer innovation across both geographical and medical boundaries. This activity will expand the existing knowledge base of available case studies backed up by evidence.

Today, and for a limited time, organisations interested in joining the platform (such as hospitals, academic organisations, and industry representatives) can benefit from a free membership.

Visit the Digital Innovation Hub website.

Read about the NWE-Chance project.

Learn more about what's next for the Digital Innovation Hub by watching Janette Hughes's (Digital Health & Care Innovation Centre, Scotland) presentation at the NWE-Chance final conference, at AgeingFit 2022.




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  • Hospitalisation@Home - Two Years of Progress white paper 20 September 2021 NWE-Chance PDF*

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