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Hospital safety is imperative. It is a key focus of the ODIN project, its platform, and its community. The opportunity to work more on this topic, through an Open Call, awaits you until 27 October 2022.

The ODIN project is a European multi-centre pilot study which is working on the enhancement of hospital safety, productivity, and quality. ODIN is contributing to the implementation of the European Smart Hospitals of the Future.

Through an Open Call, with a deadline of 27 October 2022, ODIN is offering ‘third parties’ the opportunity to contribute to the development and sustainability of the project,  by working in a European environment  and  getting financial support

ODIN wants to expand the numbers of people and organisations in its community, solve additional technical challenges, and integrate new pilots and new use cases.

This is a great opportunity to join together with some of the leading hospitals in Europe, companies and academic/research centres and work with a variety of reference sites located in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, and Spain.  

If you want apply to the Open Call, you can access the required documentation and information on the application process on the Open Call section of the ODIN website.

A useful, explanatory webinar will take place on 1 September 2022 for an hour at 12.00 CET. By attending, you will have the opportunity to clear up the technical requirements of the Call and have any questions you may have answered. 

Between 60,000-120,000 euros per initiative is available to be funded through the Open Call.

Five elements of immediately useful info include:

Relevant Information

Aim: The ODIN project encourages new third parties and end users of products and services across Europe to expand the ODIN ecosystem, thanks to the enhancement of the existing ODIN platform. In this context, the ODIN ecosystem will engage partners mainly from the healthcare and ICT domains (e.g., artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things).

Target: Hospitals, start-ups, SMEs, Midcaps, Industry, Academe, and Research technology organisations.

Budget: 420,000€, with a maximum of 5 projects funded.

Deadline: October 27, 2022 at 17.00 CET.

Project duration: 12 months starting on January 2023.


ODIN welcomes your interest in this new venture and, ultimately, your submission to the Call.

Meanwhile, ODIN invites you to have a look at the ODIN public webinars which will update you on the project’s background context.

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