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Launched in 2018, All Policies for a Healthy Europe is an intersectoral initiative that brings together a diverse group of non-governmental organisations, think-tanks, associations, companies, and individuals. Their combined mission is to put citizens’ health & well-being at the heart of European policy-making.

Becoming a Knowledge Partner in this initiative is an opportunity for EHTEL to network with other NGOs, gain more visibility, contribute to this dynamic platform by sharing use cases that come from EHTEL members, and gain access to European policy makers and decision makers.

Knowledge Partners, like EHTEL, contribute to the strategic direction of All Policies for a Healthy Europe, by providing data and guidance on content and input on political and communications activities. Knowledge Partners participating in this initiative are united in the goal of fostering appropriate health & well-being policies at European level.

Scottish EHTEL member, Digital Health and Care Innovation Centre, is already actively involved in the Healthy Europe ecosystem, as facilitators of the Digital Working Group.

Healthy EUrope

All Policies for a Healthy Europe works through three main clusters within which the major determinants of health and well-being are addressed:

  • an Economy that works for people,
  • the European Green Deal,
  • Europe fit for the Digital Age, underpinned by Promoting the European Way of Life. 


Healthy Europe, like EHTEL, believes that the outcomes of the June 2024 European elections will begin to mark the need for a more holistic approach to health and care. Thus, the common ambition will be to create a "Well-being Europe"All partners, EHTEL included, are looking forward to building together a bold vision for citizens' health and well-being.

Learn more about the initiative and its members on the initiative's official website.

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