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BeWell is a large initiative that promotes the upskilling and reskilling of the European health workforce, with a key focus on digital skillsIt's got a survey happening right now, on digital and green skills for health care workers that you can find useful to complete. Fill in the survey now!

What’s the context?

BeWell starts from practical work to uncover what’s happening on the ground in terms of health workforce digital skills offerings.

Over the next three years (2023-2026) BeWell will develop a strategy for both digital skills and green skills for the health ecosystem.

Why focus on this strategy?

Among the benefits to you are:

  • Help to accelerate the strategy’s development and implementation.
  • Share your experiences with other forerunners.
  • Help your own organisation and health and care workforce, by sharing useful learning.


How to implement this strategy?

The eventual goal is for the strategy to be implemented at three levels. These are the local/regional, national, and European levels. Several or all of them may be applicable to your organisation.

BeWell is based around:

  • A collaboration platform or cluster that enables you to share what you are doing on digital skills development. It is called the Pact for Skills Partnership.
    • Like the strategy, BeWell’s focus is on three levels: local/regional, national, and international (European).
  • Once you sign onto the Pact for Skills Partnership, you get the opportunity to join many other Partnerships. The key one on digital skills and green skills for the health and care workforce is the Pact for Skills for the Health Ecosystem.


The project has just released its latest newsletter. Read it here, to learn about what they are up to.

Let us know if you or your colleagues are interested by this initiative and would even like to join the Partnership. EHTEL can help you. Please contact Diane Whitehouse.

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Highlight your local good digital skills developments!

Skills development is so important right now. It is vital, as a result, to zoom in on what is happening locally in your region.

EHTEL is therefore reaching out to you to:

  • Invite the key resource people in your organisation to enable us to develop important activities around digital skills for the health workforce.


All the suggestions that your colleagues make will help this field, and BeWell, become steadily more concrete in its actions and activities.

Use every opportunity to:

  • Put your own good practices and highlights in digital skills development into the “spotlight”. Focus especially on what your own health and care workforce needs.
  • Organise a webinar around your good digital skills practices.
  • Took a look at two examples:
    • Examine the work of Catalunya. The latest mHealth developments were presented by Ms Carme Pratdepàdua, mHealth manager at TIC Salut Social. She talked about developing capacities and skills on the occasion of a master class at the Radical Health Festival on 12-14 June 2023.
    • Start the autumn by attending EHTEL’s first webinar of the season on 7 September 2023. It will be on Scotland’s approach to innovation and innovation hubs. It already provides an opportunity to consider what digital skills are needed to innovate in health and care.


Make your contribution to the BeWell Skills Monitor fill in the BeWell survey

BeWell is already asking you to offer your expertise on what’s happening in the digital skills field in health and care. For this reason, we encourage you to fill in this BeWell survey.

With this survey, the BeWell team aims to collect and capture your experience, perspectives and ideas regarding digital and green skills for health care workers (either in your country or internationally) as well as your experiences and vision on upskilling and reskilling digital and green skills among the health workforce.

The survey takes about 15-20 minutes to complete and you can provide answers in your own (non-English) language.



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