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Spring is a time for renewal, and the Spring of 2019 brings new ways EHTEL to work and communicate. 

Given today’s focus on new ways of working as a result of digital transformation, EHTEL judges it as timely to launch a new website where EHTEL’s new logo is shown to advantage. 
There are lots of exciting, new aspects to EHTEL’s refreshed, new logo:
  • EHTEL’s new tagline: “EHTEL, a collaboration platform”
  • The modern, simplified, look-and-feel of the logo
  • The evolution from EHTEL’s previous core image of a lighthouse
EHTEL’s refreshed website has lots of benefits:
  • Its compact presentation of info, easily usable when going mobile.
  • Its up-to-date, timely info which is very accessible.
  • Lots of new pages with in-depth background on who members are and what members are active in doing.
EHTEL’s website will greatly expand its reach. The site will extend to EHTEL’s 4,000+ contacts. It will:
  • Get more info out more quickly to all EHTEL’s members and friends.
  • Keep everyone up-to-date on the latest digital health activities and developments.
  • Help EHTEL to work with in a more electronic way.
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EHTEL is developing new ways of working and is to refresh its relations with its members. All EHTEL members are encouraged to be more proactively involved in the association. One way to do this is through EHTEL’s renewed working groups and task forces and their associated collaboration platforms. Results are to be shared with the whole EHTEL Community, and wider.

EHTEL also has new areas of collaboration. We are working with Karakas S.A., a Brussels-based design and communications agency, to develop this exciting new website.

So, take a moment to browse the site, and see EHTEL’s rich new set of offers: regular activities, including Webinars and meetings; opportunities for visits and events; and ways of expressing your opinions.
To get more of your news and way of working onto EHTEL’s website, contact: webmaster@ehtel.eu

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